What could make a better gift than the peace of mind, security, and protection that accompanies a state-of-the-art safe? If you are searching for the perfect gift to give that special someone but you are unclear which safe would be appropriate for the occasion, check out our list of the top four gift safes. For your convenience, we’ve broken it down into four budget conscious categories starting with the entry level series.

Basic Home Safes Under £100

The average household would be well equipped with a standard or entry level safe like the Sentry X055 Electronic Security Safe or Chubbsafes AIR 10E Security Home Safe Digital Lock. Both are priced slightly under £100 and are certified to first tier Bronze protection based on Robert’s Ratings. With the choice to either fix them to the floor or to a wall, the digital electronic lock on the Sentry makes getting in and out a breeze. It’s ideal for storage of jewellery, laptops, passports, and other important documents. The Chubbsafes Elements Digital Locking is comparable in price and in function which puts these two on an even playing field.

Biometric Fingerprint Safes for the Gadget Geek

Biometric fingerprint safes enter the next level of technology when it comes to safes. With the simple swipe of a finger, gain instant access to your most treasured possessions. This type of safe makes the perfect gift for someone who’s also buying the latest gadgets and on trend with the hottest tech releases. Or, the other type of person this would be ideal for is someone who constantly loses things since this safe requires no key! As long as they don’t lose their finger, they should have no problem using one of these. The Burton Biosec Home Fingerprint Safe comes in at just over £200 and is designed for a cash limit up to £1,000 and £10,000 in valuables.

Protection on the Go for Travellers

If you’re shopping for a busy traveller who’s always on the go, we’ve got a safe designed with them in mind. The Phoenix Venice Laptop Security Shoulder Bag is not only stylish but secure. It can carry a laptop up to 17 inches and comes with a dial combination lock. It’s a great accessory for a frequent traveller, a student taking exam preparation classes, or a business executive.

Safes for Newlyweds   

Planning on attending a wedding in the near future but unsure what type of gift to bring? You could opt for a generic household appliance or cash but why not instead give the happy couple a security or fire safe. The Chubbsafes Fire 50K Key Lock Safe is sure to make a statement with its security key lock, AIS approval, EN14450 certification, and £4,000 cash limit.