Phoenix Titan FS1251E

Phoenix Titan FS1251E

The Phoenix Titan home security safe not only protects valuables and small amounts of cash from opportunistic theft, but also protects valuable documents and vital digital media from the effects of fire, heat and smoke damage.
The Phoenix Titan has a high security digital lock and is supplied batteries and expansion bolts that allow it to be securely fixed to the ground.

  • Phoenix Titan FS1251-E Fire £2000 Cash Safe Digital Lock
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 927C
  • 60 minutes fire resistance for CD/DVD
  • 60 minutes fire resistance for paper documents and digital media
  • Constructed from galvanized steel
  • Drop tested from 10 metres
  • With electronic digital locking programmable with users own code of up to 8 digits
  • Key override supplied for emergency access only
  • Additional Emergency external battery pack to gain access to change batteries
  • £2000 Advisory Insurance security rating
  • Bolts included for floor fixing


  • High quality digital lock with LCD keypad display for easy operation
  • Offers protection from both fire and opportunistic theft
  • Advisory £2000 Insurance Cash rating
  • Ideal size for fitting in wardrobes or other tight areas
  • Easy to install using expansion bolts supplied
  • Quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • Higher security from forced entry can be obtained by choosing a security tested safe
  • No official tested cash rating for insurance purposes
  • Fire protection insufficient for tapes, negatives and other soft plastic
  • Cannot be bolted through the rear face for wall fixing

The Phoenix Titan FS1251E is an excellent option for using in both the Home and Smaller Office, where the safe is required to supplement other security defences such as burglar alarms..It offers exceptional value that is ideal for protecting personal documents such as passports and certificates as well as less expensive jewellery and valuables such as cameras. A great value safe offering both fire and security protection at home or in work.