Safe Review: Phoenix Citadel SS1191K - Fire and Security Protection for the Home and Office

Safe Review: Phoenix Citadel SS1191K - Fire and Security Protection for the Home and Office
[caption id="attachment_317" align="alignright" width="300"]Phoenix Citadel SS1191K Phoenix Citadel SS1191K[/caption] The Phoenix Citadel SS1191K safe is tested to the latest and prestigious European EN 14450 S2 security certificate and LFS 30P Fire standard and therefore has an official Insurance cash rating of £4000, which ensures that it will protect against both fire and burglary attack. The Phoenix Citadel will provide ample accommodation for jewellery, cash, cameras, deeds, documents and other valuables. The Phoenix Citadel is fitted with a high security double bitted key lock, and the double wall construction, with a concrete heat insulation, provides the Citadel safe with extra strength against physical attack, plus fire resistance of up to 30 minutes for paper documents.
  • Phoenix Citadel SS1191K £4000 Cash Safe Key Lock
  • £4000 Tested Insurance security rating ( £40,000 for valuables)
  • 30 minutes fire resistance for paper documents to LFS 30P
  • Tested to EN 14450 S2 security standard by ECB.S
  • Fitted with a high security VdS class 1 double bitted key lock
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • Expansion Bolts included for floor fixing
  • External Dimensions – 315H x 445W x 440D mm
  • Weight 52kg
  • High quality Vds Class 1 key lock with double bitted keys
  • Offers protection from both fire and physical attack
  • Tested EN 14450 S2 £4000 Insurance Cash rating
  • Fire tested to European LFS 30P fire test
  • ECB.S Certified Test Certification
  • 2 years on-site warranty and lifetime free after fire replacement
  • Easy to install onto concrete using expansion bolts supplied
  • Quick delivery in 2-3 working days
  • External hinges, although secure, are less attractive than concealed designs
  • Fire protection insufficient for digital media, tapes and negatives
  • Cannot be bolted through the rear face for wall fixing
  The Phoenix Citadel SS1191K is an excellent safe for using in both the Home and business, where the safe is required to withstand a sustained physical attack. It offers exceptional value and is ideal for protecting personal documents such as passports and certificates as well as jewellery and valuables such as cameras up to the insurance value of £40,000. You may also wish to consider the digital electronic version or the 2 larger models in the same range. A really secure safe offering both fire and security protection at home or in work.