The Chubbsafes WATER 50-2 from the Chubbsafes Elements range of security safes is NOT WATER RESISTANT as the name suggests, but is solely designed as a burglary resistant safe for security protection for the home or office. The confusing name can be blamed on some wizard of a marketing geek who came up with the range “Chubbsafes Elements” and therefore has to use the words AIR, EARTH, FIRE and WATER – At least the FIRE range has fire resistant properties! Chubbsafes WATER 50-2 (Closed)

Enough said on the WATER issue – The Chubbsafes WATER 50-2 is a really good security safe that has been independently tested to EN14450 S1 security rating and the certificate has been approved by the AIS – Association of Insurance Surveyors. This has the added benefit that in most cases your UK insurance company will approve the use of this safe to store cash to the value of £2000 or to secure valuables such as jewellery up to £20,000 in value.

So what does the Chubbsafes Elements WATER 50-2 have to offer?

  • Choice of either a Key locking or Digital Electronic Locking system
  • Tested for security and insurance by ECB-s to EN14450 S1
  • AIS Approved Safe (Association of Insurance Surveyors)
  • Reprogrammable Digital Locking (battery operated 6-digit keypad entry)
  • Lock has been certified by ECBS according to EN 1300 Class B
  • Can be fixed through both base and rear wall
  • Fixing bolts supplied for easy installation
  • Tested Insurance Cash rating of £2000 – subject to Insurer’s agreement
    • Dimensions – Ext: 48Hx38Wx35D cm Int: 35Hx36Wx30D cm
    • Interior LED light on all the electronic lock models
    • Single removable shelf as standard
    • Weight:43kg  – Volume 51 Litres

Chubbsafes WATER 50-2 (Open)

  • Chubbsafes reputation for protection from burglary
  • Choice of Chubbsafes Key or Electronic Locking for security
  • Independently tested as approved by AIS
  • Store up to £2000 in cash or £20,000 of valuables if bolted down
  • Compact size for fitting in wardrobes or other tight areas – smaller models available
  • Easy to install using expansion bolts supplied
  • Really quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • No Fire protection for paper documents or digital media
  • NO protection from Water and flooding – don’t be misled by the name

The Chubbsafes WATER 50-2 Digital is a really good value security safe within the Chubbsafes Elements range, which is primarily designed for both the Home and Smaller Office use. The Chubbsafes WATER range is designed to resist a minor physical attack and its test certificate certifies this. A good looking security safe with the reassurance of the Chubbsafes brand offers real protection at home or in work.