While no one would recommend storing a spare key in the flowerpot outside your home, it is now possible to leave a key safely right outside your front door in case of emergency, Outdoor key boxes allow you to do just that, providing a safe and secure place for you to store a key to your home that can be easily accessed by friends and family. Whether you want to be sure that your teenager can get entry to your home in case they are prone to losing their own keys, or simply to allow access to builders, cleaners or even to family friends, an outdoor key box can be the solution. Knowing that a set of spare keys is easily accessible to your children or partner can be a great weight off your mind when you are far from home, as well as being convenient for all who can access them.

Businesses That Would Benefit From Outdoor Key Boxes

Small in size, outdoor key boxes are designed to store a few keys and can be secured to the outside of a building to make access easy. Outdoor key boxes are ideal for holiday rental properties, giving authorised access to the premises to those who have been given the key code. They can be used for storing office keys to allow office workers entry without their managers having to issue them each with their own set of keys, which could easily and quickly be lost. They are also ideal for professions like property management, and for employees like home healthcare workers who need to access many different properties where carrying various sets of keys would become impractical.

The elderly and infirm may be unable to answer their own front door and outdoor key boxes can provide care workers and nurses with easy access to their homes, as well as allowing medical staff entry in case of an emergency.

Emergency Key Boxes in the Event of Fire

In case of emergencies like the break out of a fire, key boxes are available with a glass or plastic window which can be easily broken. This prevents any unauthorised use of the keys which are kept safe and are clearly only to be used in case of an emergency. This could include keys for locked access doors or storerooms that contain emergency equipment. Usually finished in a bright red colour, an emergency key box is easy to spot and provides a cost effective solution to protect emergency keys. The glass can be smashed with a hammer which is provided, and easily replaced so that the box can be reused if it is ever broken.  Emergency key boxes can be accessed with a key by authorised personnel without the glass being broken, but are available to anyone who might require them in the case of an emergency.

Often stored near fire doors, emergency key boxes prevent unauthorised use of fire doors at other times meaning they can be kept locked, and only accessed by breaking the glass in the event of an emergency. In the event of a fire they allow the emergency services to gain quick access to a building.