Jewellery is often the most valuable item we have stored in our homes, and is a prime target for burglars who are looking for high value items that are easy to steal and easy to sell on.

It’s not only of high monetary value, but also often of sentimental value too, making it irreplaceable, and it can be highly distressing to find that it has been stolen.

Hiding Your Jewellery Is Not Enough

A solid, locked door is the best deterrent for a thief. Burglars are good at finding your hiding places, and of course sadly they are not always strangers to you. They may have passed through your home on a previous occasion. Sadly the responsible person is more often than you might think someone that you actually know. Getting into the routine of keeping your jewellery in a safe will reassure you that you haven’t simply misplaced an item, avoiding the horrible worry of a situation where you aren’t even sure if an item is simply lost or has actually been stolen.  You might think you are unique in choosing a hiding place, like in the lining of your curtains but the chances are a professional burglar will even check those, so your idea for a hiding place is not as secure as you think it is.

It’s always best to have an updated inventory of your valuables just in case something does go wrong. You could start by keeping receipts so that you have proof of purchase for any new items. Your inventory doesn’t need to be on paper; if you prefer you can make a video showing all your items. Make sure you are properly insured.

Fire Protection for Valuable Jewellery

It’s not just theft that a jewellery safe protects your valuables from. In the event of a rampaging house fire, you might find that the only thing left standing is your safe, and if it offers fire protection, the contents can be left completely unharmed. The fire service in the UK were called out to 272,100 fires between 2011 and 2012, of which 44,300 were in dwelling places.

Peace of Mind For You

Home Jewellery Safes can save you a lot of potential heartache. Rather than locking your jewellery at the bank where you can’t see it or have access to it, a home jewellery safe means you can keep precious items close to you but also know that they are well protected from thieves. It’s a horrible feeling to discover your home as been burgled and precious items like engagement and wedding rings taken.  Home jewellery safes can be anchored to the ground or to the wall making them hard to remove and deter potential thieves from ransacking your home.

Available in a wide range of sizes and to suit a wide range of budgets, there are plenty of home jewellery safes on the market meaning it is easy to find one that will suit your needs.