While no one expects an emergency to occur in the workplace, it is always best to be prepared so that if the worst happens, you can achieve the best possible outcome. There are some simple steps you can take to prepare your staff. Create information about what to do in the event of an emergency and share it with your employees by including it periodically in newsletters emails and display it on notice boards. Gather emergency contact information for all your staff and make sure you ask any staff with special needs what assistance they would require should an emergency arise. Have the telephone numbers for fire, police, and emergency medical services available at every phone. These simple actions could make a big difference in an emergency and are very easy to do.

Making an Evacuation Plan

Digital Locking SafeIt’s important to know how you would get everyone out of the building if an emergency occurred. Few people can manage to think logically in moments of crisis, which is why it is always better to make plans in advance when you have the time to be thorough. A disorganised evacuation in an emergency can lead to confusion and injury. Make sure your alarm is effective and recognisable. Your evacuation routes should be clear and well lit. Choose a location where you can safely gather your staff outside to identify any missing persons. Practise evacuating the building to see if your plan is adequate. Have procedures in place for any employees who are responsible for shutting down critical operations before leaving the building.

Securing your Building

Protect your physical assets from the effects of fire by installing smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. You should try to inspect and test your equipment regularly. Installing a security access system will prevent entry for any unauthorised persons, and give your staff peace of mind about any threat from unwanted intruders. Review your insurance cover and make sure you are covered properly for property damage in the event of a natural disaster. If your area is prone to extreme weather conditions, consider investing in a portable generator to supply back-up power.

Preventing Thefts

Both internal and external office thefts can be prevented by the installation of a good quality security safe. Companies who choose wall mounted safes for their offices often do so in order to prevent their valuables or large amounts of cash from being visible to burglars who may be opportunistic. Wall mounted safes can be securely attached to walls and hidden from view with the use of mirrors or paintings, so that no one need even know of their existence. This is an ideal way to secure large amounts of cash until it can be safely transferred to the bank, without leaving it where it might cause temptation. Making your safe invisible is the ideal way to prevent a burglar removing the safe completely in order to open it elsewhere with the help of explosives.