Any workplace that can benefit from portable supply storage can benefit from mobile storage shelving but some places may find them especially useful.

Mobile storage shelving is any shelf that can be easily transported on wheels from one place to another. For instance, the Mobile Storage Wire Mesh Container is two shelves with a 500kg load capacity each. These simple storage containers can offer ease and convenience to a variety of different facilities and businesses, including:

  • Industrial warehouses and wholesale facilities that have large amounts of stock and supplies coming in and leaving their facilities.
  • Workshops of all kinds are an ideal place for mobile shelves which can move items from one work station to another.
  • Universities and schools are often large facilities that require plenty of supplies.
  • Hospitals and clinics have storage closets and large facilities that can benefit from mobile supply units.

Industrial Warehouses

A warehouse often has plenty of materials used for day to day tasks like packing shipments and organising orders. Large warehouses may have several different work stations in different locations throughout the building. A mobile storage container can allow warehouse workers to move supplies wherever they need them instead of having to make frequent trips to and from a supply cabinet.

Warehouse workers also, may have to move heavy items to and from loading bays or to warehouse shelves. Mobile storage can make it easy to move cumbersome, heavy or numerous items through isles to where they need to be.


Another type of work environment that a mobile storage unit can be extremely useful in is a workshop. Although there are several different types of workshops (automotive, carpentry, etc.) many of them have a variety of supplies and components that are necessary for everyday use. Using a mesh mobile storage unit keeps supplies contained and easily portable. Plus, certain items are heavy when stored together like nails. One isn’t too heavy but if kept in a container of thousands of others, it may be easier to roll the whole shelf over to your work station than it is to lift the heavy box.

Schools and Universities

Large facilities like schools and universities have many locations throughout campus that may have need for certain supplies. A mobile storage unit can make it easy to move supplies like paper, pencils, textbooks and anything else a teacher or professor might need to different rooms and lecture halls. Instead of carrying a whole load of textbooks in several trips across campus, simply roll them in a mobile cabinet.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and clinics are a prime example of large facilities with a surplus of supplies. Medical facilities often have supply closets placed throughout the building for whenever personnel need anything but how much more efficient would it be if you could move a whole shelf to wherever it is needed at that moment?

Mobile Storage shelves are an excellent way to increase productivity and convenience in a variety of businesses and facilities.