How much does it cost to buy a set of new lockers? It depends on the type of lockers you need and how many bespoke features you’d like.

Different materials can change the look of your lockers, making them more colourful or more tasteful. Your choice of material also affects the conditions that your lockers can withstand. For instance, plastic lockers can be waterproof – the obvious choice for outdoor storage – while laminate doors can resist all attempts to dent, scratch or graffiti them.

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Here’s a summary of the different types of lockers we sell, and their average prices:

Locker Type Bottom End Top End Average
School Lockers £35 £227 £130
Laminate Lockers £122 £225 £175
MDF Door Metal Lockers £80 £268 £175
Laptop Lockers £212 £448 £330
PPE & Workwear Lockers £98 £207 £155
Security Lockers £160 £231 £195
Post Box Lockers £151 £164 £160
Wire Mesh Lockers £120 £412 £265
Pod Lockers £853 £1924 £1390
Laundry Lockers £146 £261 £205
Prices are accurate 30/9/2016

School Lockers

Our selection of school lockers includes cube lockers (ideal for primary schools), quarto lockers (slightly bigger), tall lockers and plastic lockers.

Prices start from £35. Average price: £130 per locker.

Laminate Lockers

Choosing laminate doors for steel lockers gives you a very hard-wearing finish. The doors can withstand shocks, and can’t be dented, scratched or graffitied on – a smart choice for schools.

Average price: £175 per locker.

Timber Effect Lockers

Probe’s steel lockers can be fitted with an MDF layer and a timber-effect finish, giving your lockers a smart and stylish look without compromising on strength and security.

Average price: £175 per locker.

Laptop Lockers

Laptop lockers are specially-designed storage spaces to keep laptops safe from damage or theft. Many models include charging points too.

Average price £330 per locker (stores multiple laptops).

PPE and Workwear Lockers

For industries where people need to wear safety gear or uniforms, lockers to safely store and dispense clothes are very useful.

Average price £155 per locker.

Clear Door Security Lockers

In settings like airports or prisons, you may need secure storage while also being able to see the contents of your lockers. These lockers’ tough, transparent polycarbonate doors do the job.

Average price £195 per locker.

Post-Box Lockers

In shared housing, it’s important to have somewhere secure to collect and store each resident’s post.

Average price: £160 per 6-door locker.

Wire Mesh Lockers

These mesh lockers allow wet clothing to dry out in a safe place after a rainy day on site.

Average price: £265 per locker.

Pod Lockers

When you need to fit a lot of lockers in a small space, a pod locker system may be the answer.

Prices start from £853 (seven lockers). Average price: £1,390.

Cost increases with the number of lockers in the pod, up to £1,925 for 66 small lockers.

Laundry Lockers

You can dispense clean clothing, or neatly collect dirty uniforms and workwear using a laundry locker.

Average price: £205 per locker.