As well as shipping products across the UK, Safe Options also ships to the US, Canada and many other countries across the world. We have come a long way since our first export to the Visitor Centre in the Falkland Islands, with exports now equating to between 2% and 4% of our sales.

Finding the perfect locker for your needs

In one of our most recent exports, we shipped 11 outdoor lockers with a total of 44 separate lockable compartments to the Leeway Sailing Center in Long Beach, California, USA so that they could provide storage for their customers at the Marina.

They were looking for lockers that were suitable for outdoor use, which made the 4-door Probe Ultrabox Plus Waterproof Plastic Locker the perfect choice as they come with a choice of door colours, plus optional sloping tops to avoid the build-up of water or rubbish, and adjustable feet to keep them level.

Although these lockers do have a selection of lock options, Leeway Sailing Center opted for a battery powered ‘multi-user’ electronic lock, which is waterproof just like the lockers.

These locks can be operated in a similar way to hotel safes so that any user can use any locker. The door is left open after use and the new user enters any code they wish in order to lock the door and uses the same code when retrieving their possessions. Management then have a Service Key to unlock any door if the user forgets their code. The lock can also be programmed for “single-user” use so that each user has their own personal locker.

Probe Ultrabox Plastic Lockers can be water resistant for outdoor covered locations or humid indoor areas as well as  fully waterproof, providing added protection and peace of mind for those in need of outdoor storage space. Whilst they are predominantly used outdoors, these lockers can be used indoors in leisure centres or in buildings that may be at risk of flooding, developing leaks or with indoor sprinklers.

We have a great selection available for you to choose from, select from single lockers to 2 and 4-door lockers, available in a variety of colours to suit every need. There are fully waterproof models available, as well as water resistant lockers that are a bit cheaper.

For more information take a look at our website, or for guidance on the best locker for you give our team a call on 0800 567 7549