Laundry lockers alleviate health and safety related concerns, by providing a place to store clean or unclean workwear, apparel, and uniforms of all sizes.

With a laundry locker, you have the ability to easily deposit your dirty clothes or garments through a carefully designed deposit slot near the top of the locker. Other types of lockers come with individual lockable compartments and one main door for clean materials to be returned to staff. These laundry lockers are ideal solutions for the following reasons:

  • Provide security for work uniforms and gear
  • Reduces the risk of theft or misuse
  • Improves organisation within facility quarters
  • Simple to install and available in a range of colours (i.e., blue, green, red, silver, yellow, etc.)

Safe Keeping for Soiled Items

In between shifts or at the end of a labour intensive work day, employees need a place where they can quickly drop off their dirty workwear. Not only does the storage device need to be convenient but it also should avert the spread of odours and bacteria. A garment disposal door locker accomplishes these tasks and more. The Probe Soiled Laundry Disposal Locker has a key lock on the main door to secure gear as well as a “letter box” style aperture to drop clothes off without the hassle of unlocking the entire unit. In all, it can collect about 45 individual garments which is more than enough space.

In addition to its economical design it has a sloping top to deter individuals from throwing trash or other unauthorised materials on top. In terms of the outer appearance Probe lockers all come with an anti-bacterial paint called “Germ Guard”. This coating dramatically reduces the spread of viruses like E.coli and MRSA. This particular locker measures 1800x450x450mm but other sizes are available and Safe Options even offers a discount for purchasing multiple units.

Schools can also make efficient use of these lockers in gyms and near shower areas. After physical exercise, students can place their gym towels or clothes in the lockers, saving time and reducing clutter.

Distribute Clean Laundry to Staff

Another use for laundry lockers is to return garments and workwear back to employees. Rather than wasting time by waiting for each individual worker to pick up their belongings, simply place the clean materials in each worker’s personal compartment. Then at their convenience, they can come collect their laundry.

What Types of Industries Use These?

Laundry lockers are used in a wide range of locations including construction sites, academic institutions, exercise facilities and locker rooms. Created with high-grade steel doors and an anti-bacterial powder coating, laundry lockers increase organisation, tidiness, and keep soiled laundry off the floor. What’s more, it reduces the threat of theft because each locker can be individually secured with a key.