The Keyguard 3000 range is designed with the home user in mind and particularly for the security protection of jewellery from theft.

The really compact size, the felt lined interior to prevent jewellery being scratched and the attractive design makes it really suitable for use in a fitted wardrobe in a bedroom. Keyguard 3000 25E Safe

  • £3000 Advisory Insurance security rating (£30,000 for valuables)
  • 8mm thick steel door and a 34mm overall thick body
  • The body thickness is comprised of 4mm steel and 30mm fire board
  • The fire board offers fire resistance to protect paper documents from damage
  • Fitted with a reprogrammable Digital Keypad with a LED Screen for ease of use
  • Emergency key entry and external power source to allow battery changes
  • 2 way locking with 2 x 30mm diameter steel locking bolts for extra security
  • Removable shelf fitted as standard
  • Other sizes and key operated versions available
  • External Dimensions – 25H x 35W x 25D cm
  • Internal Dimensions – 21H x 30W x 15D cm
  • Weight 25kg , Internal Volume 10 Litres
  • Warranty – 1 year

Keyguard 3000 25E Safe (Open)

  • Excellent value and a good quality build
  • Offers  burglary protection for jewellery
  • Advisory £3000 Insurance Cash rating (£30,000 for Jewellery)
  • Easy to use digital lock with LED display to aid use (key lock version available)
  • Fitted with 2 Bolts and a 8mm solid steel door
  • Fire retardant filling in body offers fire resistance for about 15 minutes
  • Easy to install through either base or rear makes it ideal for fitting in wardrobes
  • Quick delivery in 1-2 days to anywhere on the UK mainland


  • This safe has no independent security certification – only advisory insurance value
  • If your Insurer insists you use a security safe then check with them before buying
  • Fire resistance is untested so if fire protection is vital look elsewhere
  • Only a 1 year warranty

The Keyguard 3000 range is designed for use in the Home, where the safe is required to offer protection from burglary. It offers excellent value and is a good all round safe as it offers a little fire resistance to protect personal documents such as passports and certificates as well as security for jewellery and valuables such as cameras up to the insurance value of £30,000. The lower price of the Keyguard 3000 series is partially due to the fact it has not been independently tested and has no certification. These tests are extremely expensive and it is you the consumer that has to pay.