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  • Find out how secure an electronic key safe is with this help article. The electronic key safe is a useful and oft necessary business requirement. If you are a business that has a large number of keys (car hire company, hotel, storage facility) or even a large family with multiple cars and secure outbuildings.

  • While there are keysafes that you can fix permanently to the body of your car, it can be useful to choose a mobile keysafe that can be removed if you wish. The price of a mobile car keysafe varies depending on the construction and the level of security. Prices range from around £5 for the […]

  • The most secure way to store keys is in a lockable key cabinet or key safe. There are many different models on the market, from basic mild steel cabinets that present a deterrent to casual thieves, to high-end models with reinforced walls and electronic locks. What is the most suitable for me, you may ask? […]

  • Picture the scene: you’ve just come home and all you want to do is get indoors and relax. You put your hand in your pocket to take out your door keys — only to discover that you don’t have them. You search every pocket, your coat, the glove compartment… to no avail. You’re locked out, facing […]

  • Home security is never something to scrimp on. Taking effective security measures can help to give us peace of mind when we need it most and when we may be at our most vulnerable e.g. sleeping at home or away on holiday. Security can become even more of a concern for the elderly and those […]

  • Keeping keys outside Many of us keep a spare house key hidden around the premises, either for our children or in case we lock ourselves out, but this can be an open invitation to burglars. It’s not wise to leave a key under the doormat, plant pot, or a rock, as these can be found […]

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