The rising value of our mail

Gone are the days of the postman only bringing you a handwritten letter from your auntie and a postcard from the seaside. Today we receive all sort of different items through the post, from DVD rentals to expensive designer clothes. We are now a nation of online shoppers, often receiving our high-value purchases through the mail system. While many parcels are left safely with neighbours or returned to the post office when we are not at home, some are still left on doorsteps or in outhouses or sheds, and these are an easy target for thieves. With the growth in people working from home, or having their own home-based business, comes a greater reliance on goods being transported safely by the mail and courier companies. Businesses who receive valuable items through the post on a regular basis are at very high risk of thefts, and would be well advised to invest in a secure mailbox to give them peace of mind. To make matters more difficult, it is usually a complicated procedure to report any stolen items missing to your mail carrier and to get any compensation for them, and the process can take many months to be resolved.

Identity Theft

One of the major concerns of having your mail stolen is the sheer fact of not knowing exactly what it is that has been taken. Most of us still receive paper bank statements, tax documents and various other household documents in the post that confirm our identities, which could be dangerous if they were to fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft and fraud are a rising concern nowadays, and so it is vitally important to protect your mail, whatever it is you are likely to receive. A secure mailbox could be the answer to your concerns. Usually accessed by a key lock and supplied with two keys, a lockable mailbox ensures that only you or an authorised person of your choosing has direct access to your mail, and to your personal documents.

Secure Mailboxes

Would you leave your personal and financial files outside on the road in a cardboard box for anyone to look through? Probably not. So why would you take the same chances with your mail every day? Lockable or secure mailboxes are increasing in popularity thanks to their ability to prevent your mail from being stolen, and also to prevent other criminal activity that could be carried out through a letter box like arson attacks. They are usually made of heavy duty materials so that they are resistant to vandals and can withstand attacks from bricks, weapons and even from some vehicles! They are also great when you can’t rely on the weather, as parcels left on your doorstep by the local postie are in danger of damage from the elements as well as from theft. A secure mailbox is the ideal solution for businesses who need to protect confidential information and make sure their files stay secure.