Estate Agents are given a lot of responsibility with the important documents that they hold. It is important to keep these items safe so that they are not lost or damaged.

Customer Writing a Cheque

There are several different items that frequently come through real estate offices that ought to be kept in a safe place. Whenever you deal with client information, monetary transactions or your businesses own taxes you will probably generate some important paperwork. Even if you run a paperless office, you should have digital files backed up onto hard drives. Those hard drives or paper files should be safely stored away in a quality security safe or cabinet.

There are several different items that come through real estate offices that you should consider filing in a safe place.

  • Any paperwork that has to do with a property transaction. Not only are these sales good to archive, they may also have personal information like a client’s names, phone numbers and addresses on them.
  • Tax or legal forms that may need to be references when dealing with law suits or tax issues in the future.
  • Currency or valuable material should, of course, be kept in a safe.

Property Sales Forms

Estate agents need to protect a variety of important documents that have to do with their industry. Anything that has to do with property dealings and having them misplaced or stolen can lead to disastrous results. There are several documents that are involved in property deals including any contract that has to do with buying or selling a home. These documents should be kept inside a safe and only pulled up when needed and then put back once they are no longer required. Not only will this keep them safe, it will keep your office organised and clutter-free.

Tax and Legal Documents

Having physical documents and digital files secure is also good for legal and tax reasons. If your agency runs into legal or tax issues, you can easily find relevant documents if they are filed away in a secure container. Archiving important transactions or monetary deals is important for any business, especially one that is involved in the buying and selling of expensive items like houses.

Cheques, Petty Cash or Valuable Material

Businesses will often have valuable items in their offices even if it is just a jar full of petty cash. People will also write out cheques and will have money orders to pay for your services. Cheques are not being used as much now as in previous years, they are still useful ways to send money and can be easily managed by businesses and companies. Currency needs to be protected because losing it can harm both your clients and your agency. It is also good to keep forms of currency in safes in case you ever have to give someone a security deposit back. However, when you are securing cash or valuable items inside a safe, make sure it is rated to hold the amount you are using it for.

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