When you are setting up or improving a law office, be sure to include security items that can keep important documents and case materials safe.

A lawyer often handles incredibly sensitive materials. These documents and data can sometimes hold the key to a successful case and a client’s futures. If that information were to be stolen, lost or destroyed it could compromise your case, your client and even your practice. Because a lawyer is responsible for so much, it is important to make security a priority when you are setting up a law office.

There are several security items, in particular, that are designed to secure documents and data that you might need in your office:

  • A high security safe can be a great place to store important documents of digital hard drives.
  • Laptop safes are uniquely designed to hold your electronic devices and computers.
  • For large offices, a security cabinet can keep large binders organised and safe.

High Security Safes

During any particular case you may have several different important files and documents circulating throughout your office. Plus, when you have a copy for everyone on your legal team, the papers you need to keep secure may begin to pile up. Instead of leaving papers strewn about on desks and tables, use a high security safe to organise your office. If each office has a small security safe, each member of your team will have a secure place to store their important items.

You can also look for a security safe like the Chubbsafes FIRE 20K which is designed both for fire resistance and high security. It is capable of resisting attempts by burglars to physically break it open. Plus, it can protect paper documents for 30 minutes in a fire.

Electronic or Laptop Safes

Today, many offices and homes are attempting to do business while using less paper. It is not only good for the environment, but it can also create a more efficient workplace if implemented properly. If this is your office’s aim, then you don’t need a place to store documents but you may need safe storage for laptops and electronics. You may take precautions to protect your computers from online threats but what about physical theft or damage?

A laptop safe is specifically designed to store and secure items that may hold important data like laptops and tablets. So Instead of leaving your laptop exposed, sitting on your desk over night or while you step out of the office you can place it in safe to protect it from opportunistic theft or accidental damage.

Security Cabinets

If you have a large office or if you are looking for a safe place to archive your firm’s files, folders and data, you can use a large security cabinet to organise and protect important material.  A security cabinet can hold binders of file from old cases and external hard drives full of important data. Some can protect against both theft and fire.

When you are setting up a law office, don’t forget to secure files and data from both current and old cases. Even old files can have sensitive information that deserves protecting.