Your company laptop contains valuable, essential business and personal information, and you must keep it as safe as possible. To do this, you need a laptop safe. Think of it as external security for your PC: the inside of your laptop is safeguarded with anti-virus software, the outside with a sturdy safe. Useful for the workplace, and also at home.

What is a laptop safe?

A laptop safe is simply a specially made safe designed to store your laptop safely. They deviate from other burglar-resistant safes because they have a separate size: they are wider, deeper and lower in shape. However, this does not mean that they take up more space than the average safe. On the contrary, often this type of safe can also be placed on its side, so you need less space to place the safe.

A laptop or tablet is designed for easy portability. Handy for you, but also opportunistic criminals who see your laptop as an easy target. A laptop safe instantly reduces the chance that thieves steal your important data. Thanks to such a safe, your laptop cannot simply be grabbed; it will take too much time and effort to steal the loot. And apart from that, your laptop is also protected against other external influences, preventing damage to the housing, such as scratches and dents.

What should you pay attention to when buying a laptop safe?

Although laptop safes are specially made for the secure storage of your laptop or tablet, not all portable devices are the same size. So the first thing to look for when you want to buy a laptop safe is whether it is the right size for your laptop and tablet. Most laptop safes are suitable for either 15-inch devices or 17-inch devices.

Another choice that you also have to make is what type of lock you want on your safe. Do you want a key lock or a lock that uses an electronic code? The advantage of the former type of lock is that safes with a key lock are often cheaper than electric variants. In addition, you do not have to remember a code and don’t need batteries to make the lock work. A significant drawback, however, is that when burglars unexpectedly get hold of the keys, they can easily open the laptop safe.

The major advantage of an electronic code lock is that you do not have to keep keys. It is also often possible to add a personal access code for several people. An electric code lock with emergency keys enables you to open the lock with a key if the batteries are unexpectedly empty or something goes wrong with the code.

At Safe Options, we have many different safes in our range that offer customised protection for your laptop. Here is a buying guide to some of our laptop safes.

The top six laptop safes for home use

1. A quality safe at an economic price

The Chubbsafes Homestar Laptop Security Safe is ideal for securing your laptop and other valuable possessions and documents. It has a high quality electronic digital lock powered by standard alkaline batteries making it resistant to physical attacks, although we strongly advise users to ensure it is bolted securely into either a brick or stone wall or a solid base. The Chubbsafes Homestar complies with AIS regulations. Police-approved, it also has an Sold Secure recommended insurance rating of £20,000 for valuables and £2,000 in cash.

2. A safe for high value belongings

The Burton Eurovault Eurograde 2 is a sensible choice if you own expensive gold jewellery of other expensive items that need to be insured. It has a generous capacity of 98 litres and a weight of 305 kg, making it difficult for a burglar to lug away, although we advise clients to bolt it securely in any case. The Burton is also fire-resistant and complies with AIS regulations. Police-approved, it also has an ECBS recommended insurance rating of £175,000 for valuables and £17,500 in cash.

3. Fireproof safe

If you need extra protection against fire, for example, a company laptop with sensitive material, think about the Burton Data 2E Electronic Fireproof Data Safe 60mins.

This compact safe can protect both tapes and digital media for up to 60 minutes in the event of a fire and also offers protection against water sprinklers and smoke damage.

With a volume of 12 litres, it is a perfect size for home use; and it weighs in at 65kg. The internal dimensions are 195mm across, 200mm deep and 301mm high. Finally, the Burton Data 2E is supplied with a reprogrammable electric security lock.

4. An unobtrusive wall safe

If you are searching for a discreet safe that can be wall-mounted, the Burg Wächter Karat WT17NEFS should meet your specifications. With an insurance rating of £6000 of cash and £60,000 of valuables, this Burg Wachter model offers an impressive resistance Grade 0 as well as a fire-protective door.

With a weight of 39kg and a volume of 45 litres and an adjustable shelf, it’s ideal for the storage of small electrical devices, such as a tablet, phone or laptop. The thermal emergency locking mechanism and the fact that there is a puncture-proof plate in front of every bolt means that you will be able to sleep easy at night, knowing your data is appropriately protected.

5. A heavy-duty safe

If you need a heavy-duty safe that is almost impossible to remove physically, the Chubbsafes Custodian 210 is worth considering. It is perfectly suited to add a governmental layer of security to safeguard your most precious possessions properly. The Chubbsafes Custodian was designed with convenience in mind, and it is straightforward to use, and discreetly designed to blend into most environments, including the home office.

This Chubbsafes Custodian can be bolted to the floor with the supplied anchoring kit. Once installed it will have a certified cash rating of £100,000 and valuables of £1,000,000. It operates using Dual EN 1300 certified Class B Key locks and secured with solid high-grade steel locking bolts.

The Custodian series is built utilising cutting-edge GRAVITON barrier material that offers a superb level of resistance against even the most high-performance attack tools, to guarantee the protection and security of the contents. Two adjustable interior shelves will enable you to organise your valuables as you wish.

6. A great-value electronic safe for all budgets

If you are working from home in response to Covid-19 and need a reasonably priced laptop safe that provides excellent security without breaking the bank, have a look at the Burton Aver S2 3K. Normally retailed at around £360 inc. VAT, this electronic safe is highly affordable yet has many features offered by more expensive models. The Burton Aver S2 is insurance and police approved to help keep cash and electronics safe from harm.

It is lightweight (31kg) for your convenience, and has a volume of 39 litres that offers ample space for your most valued possessions. Internally, its dimensions are 365mm (W)by 295mm(D) by 370mm(H).

Once you have found a suitable position for this safe, you will need to bolt it down securely, or you can attach it to a rear wall. The Burton Aver S2 has an electronic programmable lock and a warranty of five years.