Underfloor safes can be kept secret from potential threats through proper installation and additional coverings like rugs or furniture.  While they do require a degree of advanced planning, underfloor safes are some of the best tools to keep your valuables out of sight and out of mind.

Modern safes come equipped with many features to facilitate easy installation, but having a durable foundation should always be the first factor to take into account. For instance, you wouldn’t build a home without first checking the condition of the land on which it’s built, right? Well the same goes for an underfloor safe. With crime on the rise over the last decade and criminals becoming more proficient in their strategies, the security service industry has had to adapt to a number of challenges. Creating a safe that can accommodate a limited space is just one of those many challenges. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the ways to keep an underfloor safe secret. Plus, we’ll elaborate on the following points:

  • What are some strategies to conceal an underfloor safe?
  • Why is proper installation so important?
  • What additional features are available?

Find Space between Floor Joists

For an underfloor safe to effectively protect your valuables while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance to strangers the ideal placement is between two floor joists (the timber or steel support used in the structure of the floor). These are relatively easy to spot because they tend to be arranged parallel to one another. If the space is larger, you may come across a few issues which might require you to frame the safe into the actual floor with the help of a professional carpenter or engineer. Following this step, fill the space around the safe with concrete or other hardening mixture of your choice. Safe Options also suggests using weldmesh to provide additional protection. To finish off the job, add a decorative rug or carpet on top of the safe or even a moderately sized piece of furniture.

Floorboard Safes Offer an Air of Affordability

A floorboard safe is another option which is similar to an underfloor safe in many respects but doesn’t necessarily require a concrete or hardening mixture to be applied. These are also slightly less expensive and with that, carry lower Insurance Cash Ratings. The Key Secure A4 Extra Floorboard Safe is moderately priced yet has the ability to hold a cash limit of £1,000/ £10,000 valuables. It features a rectangular lid plus is floorboard-fixed as we noted.

Proper Installation is Key 

As we previously mentioned, proper installation for an underfloor safe is key to its effectiveness. If not accurately installed you run the risk of someone stealing the contents as well as the safe in its entirety. These suggestions would be the same if you were purchasing a regular safe that was wall or floor mounted. You’d still need to anchor your bolts or cement it into place to ensure that the surface was solid and capable of supporting the weight.

Some additional features you have the option to select include lined interiors to prevent unintentional wear and tear, a deposit spout for quick capsule drops, as well as the type of lock.  As you can see your options are wide ranging when it comes to the wonderful world of safes. When space is an issue and you want the convenience of underfloor storage, seriously consider this type of safe.