Compact Home and Office SafeKeeping your home and family safe is the most important thing in the world, and the easiest way to do that is through door security. Home Office statistics show that two-thirds of all burglaries are initiated through poor door security, which shows just how important it is that your doors are secure and modern.

Advertising a Lack of Security

As with most burglaries, the main reason why a house is targeted is that the house looks vulnerable. If your door is next to a window, that is the most common access point for thieves – they will simply break the glass pane, reach around and open a single-cylinder lock by the knob. The way to secure your door from this sort of attack is to use a double-cylinder lock. Never keep the key in the door; if you are regularly going to use the door, hang it slightly away from the door, somewhere it cannot be easily access from breaking the window. The quality of the lock on your door is extremely important. The Kitemarked Yale cylinder lock is one example of a lock which is virtually impossible to break or force open, with three locking points to ensure maximum security.

Limiting Access

A good way to maximise door security is to install a door chain or limiter. A door chain should always be used when opening the door to someone who you do not know or if you cannot see through a glass viewing hole in the door. For extra security, a rubber doorstop placed slightly behind the door will make it even harder to force the door chain; if you apply pressure to the door stop when you feel threatened and close the door, you should be perfectly safe from unwelcome intruders. Door bars also increase door security and are more effective than a chain, but make sure that the fitting is strong, that is, after all, where the impact of an attempted entry will come. Ideally the screws should fit in at a 90 degree angle to the inwards force of the door. There are varieties available which set off an alarm if the door is forced open, providing yet another layer of security.

Use a Deterrent

As always, a deterrent is the main feature of security. If you have a house alarm installed, use signs and stickers which indicate that your house is protected against intruders. Make sure that you don’t buy dummy stickers which advertise an alarm which is not there; burglars know what they are looking for, so advertising something which is not there sends an instant signal that your other security is probably lacking also. The same principle applies to using “beware of the dog” signs; if there is no dog present, you are only putting yourself at more of a risk.

Making sure that your door is secure is very important, but the safety features are useless if you are not prepared to use them effectively. Don’t neglect door security; install a peephole, door bar or chain, and a good quality lock if you want to keep your family safe.