Keeping a bike shed organised takes a bit of work, however with some careful planning and preparation you can have a clutter-free space all year long.

Bike steel security sheds, used throughout schools and institutions, often house a number of things apart from bicycles. Groundskeepers may keep things like power tools and garden chemicals in the same shed as student’s bikes. For that reason, it’s important to constantly monitor the arrangement of the contents; otherwise it can quickly develop into a danger zone for both adults and children.

In this article we’ll explain:

  • The importance of orderliness for a shed of any kind
  • Strategies for easily arranging and locating your equipment
  • Real-world examples of bike sheds

Back to the Basics—Coordinate an Action Plan

When a storage space is properly arranged, it not only makes it easier to find what you’re looking for but also allows individuals to execute tasks with greater efficiency. So how exactly do you get started?

Prior to placing your belongings in the shed it makes sense to draw up a rough blueprint of the space available in relation to the size of each object. By doing so, you have the ability to try out different scenarios in order to get the best possible arrangement—without intensive labouring.

Storage Secrets for Shed Owners

Depending on the size of your bike shed, you may want to incorporate space saving solutions like cabinets and vertical shelving. Cabinets are perfect for putting away smaller tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and plyers. What’s more, things like nails and screws can easily get lost if they’re not contained in a designated area. Assign a drawer in your cabinet for these items.

Floor space is important for manoeuvring bikes in and out of the bike shed. If there are obstructions in the pathway students may find it bothersome and even dangerous to enter or exit.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Vertical space is also widely underutilised. Consider installing shelving along the side of the shed for liquids or garden chemicals. For larger items, it’s recommended to get wider, steel reinforced shelves that can support excessive weight. The Asgard Gladiator Steel Secure Garden and Bike Storehas ample storage for student’s bikes, scooters and even lawn mowers. This weather resistant cabinet resists theft with its three-way locking bars and Euro Cylinder Lock encased in 2mm housing. The double doors permit complete access to the unit which means you should have no difficulties storing large or bulky equipment.

Another similar product which makes grand use of vertical space is the QMP Outdoor Vertical Security Bike Locker. Measuring 1830mm in height and 715mm in width, this bike locker saves 35 to 45 percent of floor space in comparison to horizontal bike sheds.

The optimal level of organisation for your bike shed should take into account a variety of factors. Safety should always be of foremost concern, especially in schools where children are present. Furthermore convenience followed by convenience, and of course your personal needs.