Bike sheds became widely adopted in schools around the world for their multi-purpose functions, advanced security features, and aesthetic appeal.

If you’ve ever seen a bike shed it is hard to deny their widespread appeal on a practical and cosmetic level. School suppliers and personal homeowners purchase bike sheds because they provide safety, security to bikes and overall organisation in a garden. In this post we’ll explore:

  • Varying uses for bike sheds
  • Why they are chosen over alternative storage structures
  • How to pick and choose the right shed for your facility

Safety Always Comes First

We’ve all heard the safety motto echoed over and over again—safety should always come first! This phrase applies to nearly every area of life including the care of personal belongings. Bikes are one of the most frequently stolen items because they can hold high value and are somewhat difficult to track down once taken. While you may think that a padlock will suffice, a bike shed is a much more secure way to store a bike.

The Asgard Annexe Steel Secure Garden and Bike Store is designed to hold a number of bikes plus common garden materials like spades and rakes. The three-way locking bars add further burglary resistance to keep thieves at bay.

Why are Bike Sheds the Best Solution?

The benefits of bike sheds far surpass that of other bike security devices like bike stands. First of all, a bike shed prevents damage to a bike from weather as well as vandalism. When a bike is locked down to a bike stand, there is nothing preventing an individual from scratching or denting it intentionally or unintentionally. With a shed, however, only authorized personnel can gain entry.

Asgard storage sheds and cabinets are constructed of the highest quality and always bear in mind the safety of the user. With that said, these structures include double folded joints to withstand a forced entry attempt. With these types of safety protocols in place, it’s no wonder bike sheds became mainstream in schools and private residences. Wouldn’t you entrust your belongings in this storage device?

What to Look For When Purchasing a Shed

If you’re purchasing a shed to house student’s bikes you’ll first need to evaluate approximately the number of individuals who have bikes. By doing so you’ll be better able to judge the number and size of the sheds required. Like with any storage device various sizes can be purchased. Some are smaller and designed for individual use like the QMP Outdoor Vertical Security Bike Locker while others are designed for multiple bikes.

Following an evaluation of the space necessary, browse each shed’s security features—specifically the locks and exterior coating. Galvanised steel is one of the most popular exterior coatings because it resists corrosion, is difficult to scratch, and maintains a nice finish.

As should be apparent by now, bike sheds are a foremost solution for keeping bikes and other personal belongings safe from vandals and harsh climates.