Wet area lockers are useful in a variety of locations and for several different purposes. However, many of these purposes require a locker with plenty of space.

Wet area lockers are great for places with puddles, moisture and humidity that would normally wear away at wood and other metals, which weakens security as a result. However, wet area lockers are designed to resist damage caused by moisture. Another benefit to lockers designed for wet areas is that many have bacteria resistant coatings. Moisture often facilitates the build-up of germs and bacteria which cause diseases. Having a locker with a protected surface goes a long way in preventing the spread of germs.

All this is excellent, but what about space? The places you might find wet area lockers often require more than just a few items. Wet area lockers are typically around 1800mm high and 300mm deep and wide. This is much more space than your typical square locker. But what kind of items might you need to store in a wet locker? This depends on the venue:

  • Pool area lockers will need to be able to hold dry clothes, bags, wallets, keys, mobile phones and anything else that cannot be left poolside.
  • Athletic lockers will need to hold athletic equipment, shoes, cleats and any other equipment.
  • Outdoor worksite lockers may need to hold boots, hard hats and spare clothes.

Pool Area Wet Lockers

Pool areas are an ideal place for a wet area locker. People going to and from the pool will be damp and they will probably track moisture in and out. A locker will need to hold anything that you wouldn’t want to leave sitting out by the pool. This includes things like a person’s dry clothes, phone, wallet, handbag, keys and shoes. Even if you would prefer not to fold your clothes, in a 1800mm high locker you can easily hang up clothing and still have room at the bottom to store bags, shoes and other items.

Athletic Locker Rooms

Another good place to use wet area lockers is an athletic locker room. Locker rooms often have showers which cause puddles and humidity, not to mention sweat, so a moisture and germ resistant locker is a great thing to have. An athlete will need to store spare clothes, athletic shoes (possibly cleats) and padding that certain sports require like shin guards. Again, a locker of this size can store these items with ease.

Outdoor Worksite Lockers

An outdoor worksite is a great place for a wet area locker. Weather can often cause puddles and humidity that would rust, rot and weaken typical metal and wood cabinets and lockers. However, there is plenty of equipment on a worksite including awkwardly shaped hard hats. For this type of area you might need a little extra depth. The Probe Splash Wet Area Locker has 450mm depth and that extra space can facilitate the storage of extra equipment.

Wet area lockers are great for resisting moisture and germs and they are large enough to facilitate all the typically uses and venues.