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Car and Vehicle Keys in the Motor Industry

Car Keys for modern vehicles are now larger than ever before. Now with integral or separate transponders for remote opening they require more space in Vehicle Key Storage Cabinets or Key Safes. Our advice to Car Dealers, Vehicle Rental Dealers, Car Bodywork Shops and Car Repair Garages is to purchase a Key cabinet with twice the hook capacity you require to ensure that bunches of car keys can be stored securely and neatly. The unused hooks and hook bars can be easily removed to allow plenty of room for Car Keys. Many Insurance companies are insisting on either Slam Shut Car Key Cabinets or High Security Car Key Safes before agreeing insurance cover for companies in the car or vehicle industry. See our complete range of Key Storage products here

Protecting your Car from Theft

Car and Van manufacturers have made giant steps in recent years to combat vehicle theft by the fitting of immobilisers – however this has exercised the minds of thieves to develop other ways of stealing new vehicles. Car theft of new cars is now predominently achieved by stealing the car keys! According to a government survey a staggering 85% of cars registered after 1997 were stolen using the keys. Thieves now take the route 1 option by breaking into homes to obtain just the car keys, in order to steal the expensive new car standing in the driveway. Leaving your car keys near your front door, window or on the kitchen table is an easy option for the brazen criminal. As Jill Willis of Norwich Union says, “Most of us would never dream of leaving £14,000 lying around the home – the average cost of a new car – so it pays to be more cautious.” So what is the answer? We have recently introduced the Keyguard Electronic Car Key Safe to combat the disturbing new wave of car key theft from peoples’ homes. This small electronic safe has been specifically designed to be unobtrusive and convenient to use. The Keyguard Electronic Key Safe is large enough to not only provide safe storage of car keys, but has sufficient space to also protect mobile phones, wallets, purses and jewellery. The Keyguard Key Safe has a cash rating of £1,500 or up to £15,000 of valuables, such as jewellery, as long as the safe is secured according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check out the Keyguard Electronic here