Today’s furniture is a much more modernised version of what you would have seen in a cloakroom 30 years ago.

Cloakroom furniture seems like an unchanging part of school buildings, houses and public places but subtle advancements over time have had dramatic results. Advancements in aesthetics, the function of furniture and overall safety have made today’s cloakrooms a much more comfortable and safe place for both children and adults to use.

This article will discuss advancements like:

  • The more vibrant colours and designs of furniture
  • The efficient use of space that has made cloakrooms much more usable
  • The safety of new types of furniture that is available

Colourful Designs and Textures

The idea that a cloakroom is just a simple place and where people only spend a small amount of time may have caused the cloakroom furniture of old to be designed with simple boring colours. Monochromatic and unvaried is no longer the philosophy of cloakroom furniture designers today. Cloakrooms are a place where people should be comfortable physically and aesthetically. Furniture with a splash of colour is perfect for school cloakrooms as well as any other place with a vibrant palate.

More Efficient Use of Space

Older cloakrooms often have large, cumbersome furniture that takes up a lot of space. Today, furniture is designed with both form and function in mind. If a piece of furniture is large it will use the space it takes up to its full potential. For instance, this Probe Locker Stand is especially designed for cloakrooms and can hold lockers 300mm wide by 300mm or 450mm deep. This pairs 2 lockers together with plenty of storage space. The locker stand also lifts lockers off the ground for easy cleaning underneath.

Safer Furniture Materials

Not only is today’s cloakroom furniture an improvement on form and function but also in safety. For instance, a cloakroom is often the first place people enter when they are entering a building. If it is rainy out, the cloakroom is most likely the first place to collect puddles and moisture as people try to take shelter and dry off. Wet clothes and umbrellas would damage typical wood and metal with rot and rust. However, Probe Plastic Wet Area lockers are specially designed to withstand moisture so they are not weakened by rust, keeping contents safe. Also, they have a special anti-bacterial powder coating with helps stop the spread of germs, which often collect in moist places.

Cloakroom furniture has changed for the better in the last 30 years so if you are setting one up today keep these advancements in mind.