Retailers, office workers, and those working in hospitality may all work with large amounts of cash stored in their cash registers. Rather than having to empty the cash drawers every night to store the cash away in the safe, it’s possible to buy a specialised safe which is designed to store whole cash till drawers. Easy and convenient, the cash drawers need only be lifted from the cash register and placed on the shelves of the safe at the end of the day.

Makes and Sizes of Cash Till Drawer Safes

There are many different sizes and types of cash till drawer safes, but all are large enough to store most average-sized cash drawers, at around 400 mm wide and 300 mm deep. They are available with either key locking or electronic locking depending on your requirements. Adjustable shelves make storing your cash till drawers very easy, and larger models will store up to 6 till drawers at one time. Made from solid steel, the safes can be easily bolted to the floor or wall for added security.

Theft From Employees

Sadly, it is important to take steps to prevent theft from your own employees during the business day. A dishonest employee may fail to ring up a sale allowing them to pocket money that should have gone into the till, or may ring up a lesser amount and take the difference for themselves. If you are concerned about theft from your employees you should watch out for spurious refunds and overrides, and if possible, prevent cash drawers from being shared by more than one person. It is good business practise to always keep an eye on your employees and make sure they are supervised. Make sure you send a clear message to your staff that putting their hands in the till will not be tolerated. Most thefts in the retail business take place at the till or in the warehouse rather than on the shop floor. A study by Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester found that even when retailers gave staff personal identification codes when using a till, employees felt they had anonymity. In some cases, corporate culture helped to reinforce this thinking.

Who Might Use Cash Till Drawer Safes?

Retail shops and other businesses that have a large amount of cash-handling could benefit from having a cash till drawer safe. Cash tills are a prime target for thieves, and by placing your cash drawer into a safe overnight you can protect your cash from the risk of burglary. Hotels also need to secure their cash takings so that their tills are not open to vandalism through the night, especially at unmanned reception areas. Unsecured tills can be a target for smash and grab thieves, and can also put your staff at danger in the event of an opportunistic robbery.