Churchill are renowned throughout the world as being the premier manufacturer of underfloor security safes.  The Churchill Domestic Underfloor security safes are designed for installation underground in the home or in retail shops or petrol stations to protect cash and valuables from violent attack and burglary.

Churchill Domestic D2L (Lid Off)The Churchill Domestic D2L Underfloor security safe has a high security lock and is supplied with 2 double bitted security keys as standard and is locked with a high strength steel lid that screws into position, which increases the level of security.

As with all Underfloor safes the security depends on principally two vital ingredients  – the strength of the lid and the concrete mix used to secure it underground. The cash rating of the safe is decided by the security and quality of the locking lid.and therefore all Churchill underfloor safes can be upgraded to a higher cash rating by fitting a higher grade lid as fitted to the Churchill Vector. This is a great advantage as you need not need to go to the expense and trouble of removing the underfloor section of the safe and replacing  it with another body.


  • High security lock within lid operated by a double bitted key (2 supplied)
  • 2 way locking by screwing clockwise onto 2 fixed bolts and 2 key operated bolts
  • Advisory Insurance Cash rating of £4000 – subject to Insurer’s agreement
  • Can be upgrade to £6000 rating at later date fitting the Vector lid
    • Dimensions – Ext: 375Hx240Wx240D mm  Int: 215Hx215Wx215D mm
    • Weight:14.5kg

Churchill Domestic D2L Detail

  • Entry level underfloor safe by Churchill offering excellent value
  • Offers  protection from violent attack if fitted to manufacturer’s instructions
  • High security screw fixed locking lid with 2 keys supplied
  • Renowned Churchill Safes quality
  • Quick delivery in 1-3 working days for key locking versions


  • No tested protection from fire or water (although concrete will give heat resistance)
  • Extra cost involved in installation – usually a local builder can easily install
  • As with all underfloor safes there is no official tested insurance cash rating
  • Not as user friendly as floor mounted safes (a lot of kneeling down if used daily)
  • Due to the diameter of the aperture– restriction on storage size
  • Interior of safe is not lined so jewellery needs to be placed in a cloth bag to prevent scratching

The Churchill Domestic D2L Underfloor home security safe is primarily designed for both the Home and Smaller retail use, where the safe is required to protect cash and jewellery from physical attack. There is also a larger model, the D3L, which is available as above or with a Deposit tube for depositing cash without the need to open the door. This feature obviously adds to security in a retail environment.