Choosing the right safe in order to protect sensitive document and information is an important part of running a secure non-profit.

If you’re the owner or manager of a non-profit charitable organisation, you will already be well aware of the fact that there are certain items and documents that need to be kept as safe and secure as possible. As is the case with many working environments, your organisation probably has a lot of sensitive and personal information onsite, which could relate to anything from the clients that you support to the identities and information who make of those charitable donations to your group.

It is, of course, essential that sensitive details such as these are kept secure at all times to safeguard the security of your clients and benefactors as well as to safeguard your reputation when it comes to security measures. In addition, there may be other items that you need to keep under lock and key, such as any cash that you may keep on the premises, which is why it is important to select the perfect safe for your needs.

There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when selecting the right safe for your non-profit charity, and this includes:

  • The size of your safe. Your safe should be large enough to hold all of the contents you need to store without taking up too much valuable space in your office.
  • Where you keep your safe. The location of your safe can affect its accessibility to you and potential thieves.
  • The overall cost of the safe. Keeping expenses down is an important part of running a non-profit, so a safe that can help you do that is ideal.

The Cost of the Safe

As a charitable organisation, cost is obviously going to play a big part in your decision when it comes to choosing the right safe. However, it is important to ensure that you do not compromise on quality in a bid to save a little money, as this could simply result in you entering into a false economy. Instead, look for a quality safe, such as a police approved security safe, while also looking for a provider that is able to offer this type of quality at a competitive price.

The Size of the Safe

It is also important to take the size of the safe into consideration, as you need to ensure that the one you select will be suitable for your needs. Make sure you have a good grasp of exactly what you will be keeping in the safe and how much space you are likely to need. You can then focus your search on safes that are going to be of a suitable size to fulfil your requirements.

The Location of the Safe

Like many other businesses and organisations, charities are often the target of thieves and criminals, who are able to get away with everything from the items on the premises to money from the tills. For added protection for your charity, it is worth looking at the location of the safe. Depending on what you will be keeping in the safe and the size of your premises, you may find that a product such as an underfloor security safe could be the perfect option.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by HM Revenue & Customs