Burton Aquasec  Size 1 Fire resistant and Waterproof Safe offers Fire Protection, Water Protection and Security for both home and business use – anywhere where there is a risk of flooding in addition to the risk of theft and fire. Burton Aquasec Size 1 Safe

  • Fire resistant for 60- minutes to protect paper documents from fire and heat
  • Fire resistance for digital media – usb sticks, external hard drives, CD/DVD formats
  • Fire resistance has been independently tested to UL 72 Class 350 for 1 hour
  • Tested for water resistance by submerging safe in water for 8 hours
  • If the Aquasec safe is not bolted down the safe will float
  • £1000 advisory Insurance security rating (£10,000 for valuables)
  • Fitted with a security digital reprogrammable lock powered by standard batteries
  • 2 high tensile steel locking bolts for extra security
  • 1 Removable shelf fitted as standard
  • Expansion Bolts included for floor fixing
  • Finished in scratch resistant texture paint
  • Larger versions available
  • External Dimensions – 420H x 370W x 485D mm
  • Weight 35kg , Internal Volume 26 Litres
  • Warranty – 2 years

Burton Aquasec Size 1

  • The only fully  waterproof fire safe in the UK market
  • Offers  protection from a opportunistic theft
  • Independently Tested UL72 Class 350 for fire resistance
  • Burton safes 2 years on-site warranty
  • Easy to install using heavy duty expansion bolts supplied
  • Optional expert installation in 5-7 days or Quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • Security does not include a violent attack – as with all £1000 cash rated safes
  • Cash rating is advisory by manufacturer – no independent test

The Burton Aquasec range is designed for use in both the Home and Business, where the  safe is required to withstand both flood and fire damage. It is unique in that it can be fully submerged for 8 hours and to be in a fire for 1 hour without any damage being caused to the contents. To our knowledge no other safe offers this – some are water resistant, but cannot be submerged.