Industrial safety barriers serve a very unique purpose that provides not only safety to workers but also protection to valuable plant equipment.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, industrial safety barriers are one of the first things a warehouse manager looks for when installing the proper safety implements. Since they are available in a range of sizes and price points, there’s really no reason to go without one. For those reasons and more, they are a staple component in any warehouse or industrial facility. In this article we will explain:

  • Why it is important to select a barrier with a high-visibility coating
  • Some suitable best places to install these barriers
  • How they can benefit your warehouse or facility

Guard Loading Docks, Fork Lifts and Other Danger Zones

Safety barriers, when installed and positioned, can prevent unintentional accidents and injury in loading docks and danger zones alike. Unauthorised individuals, not properly trained to handle equipment on loading docks and danger zones have no business being in the vicinity of equipment. To further ensure that adequate caution and safety are taken in these zones, it’s worth it to have an industrial safety barrier installed. The TRAFFICline Protection Guard is treated with a yellow and black powder coating for high visibility. The interior protection guards 600mm while the width guards 1000mm. In between it all is 3mm guage quality steel with a sub-surface that extends 300mm underground. These types of physical barriers are the ideal solution for designating loading docks, fork lifts and other danger zones.

Separate In-Plant Departments

Another suitable use for safety barriers is to divide in-plant departments. While this task was traditionally done through the use of yellow lines designated on the floor, a more effective approach is to install an industrial barrier. Employees handling equipment or walking through the space can easily identify the department when the barrier is in place. The QMP Industrial Safety Barrier Corner Mesh Panel has fully welded sides for reinforced strength, a high visibility yellow powder coated finish, and zinc plates. Not only does this barrier indicate the proper walking path but it also is constructed to protect equipment and machinery.

A similar barrier gate, the QMP Industrial Open Safety Gate features open panels rather than mesh. Also painted in a high visibility yellow powder coating, it is also useful for defining walkways and sectioning off departments.

High-Visibility Colours are Crucial

Always select a barrier which comes in a high-visibility hue like yellow or red because it instantly grabs the attention of onlookers who might otherwise not notice it. Other hazard colour combinations include black/yellow, red/white, and black/red. Also optional in many cases is a reflective finish which serves to draw additional attention to the area.

As a warehouse or facility manager it’s your responsibility to ensure that the proper procedures are maintained at all times for the safety of employees and other personnel who are present on the premises. Industrial safety barriers have proven their value time and time again.