Burglars are adept at finding your hiding places and while you may think your valuables are hidden away safely in a sock drawer, they are anything but safe.

The only way to properly secure precious items is under lock and key, in a safe that only you or other authorised persons can access.

Peace of Mind When You Are Away

Leaving your house when you go on holiday can be a stressful thought, but knowing you have taken steps to protect your valuables can help. A floor hidden safe allows you peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a break in a burglar will not easily detect your valuables.

The Hidden Benefits of Floor Safes

A floor safe fits between the floorboards and sits flush with the floor, meaning once it is covered with a carpet or a rug it is not at all visible to intruders. You would not know it was there. Many are installed by home builders or cement contractors during the initial building of a house, but they can also be installed in existing homes.

Space Saving Floor Safes

Working out where to store your safe can be an issue, and keeping it under the floor can be the ideal space saving solution. It takes up no surface area under the floor, and yet is easy to access – for those who know it is there! In an existing property, a hole should be cut in the concrete which allows at least 3 inches on all sides around the safe, and wire reinforcement can be added to give the concrete surrounding the safe extra strength.

Easy Deposits Can Be Made With a Floor Safe

Some models of floor hidden safes come with deposit chutes, meaning you can add to the contents of your safe without having to open the safe door. Floor Hidden Safes are therefore an ideal choice for small businesses where staff can make deposits, as well as for homeowners.

Floor Safes Are Hard to Remove

Burglars have been known to locate safes in the home, and remove them completely so that they can attempt to crack them open at a later date. This threat is virtually removed completely by using a floor safe which can be installed in concrete, making it extremely difficult to remove from the premises or to open using force.

Fire Resistance Floor Safes

Not only is concrete fire-resistant, meaning your under floor safe stands a better chance of survival in a serious fire, but fire travels upwards – meaning all in all a floor safe is ideal for protecting valuables from the risks of fire.

Making Sure Your Insurance Covers You

It’s worth making sure that your insurance policy covers any valuables in your home and that these items are stored in accordance with the terms of your policy. This can mean having a home safe is necessary to make sure your insurance adequately covers your valuables from theft. A floor safe is very likely to meet your insurance companies requirements.