Last Updated: December 22, 2016

Replaced Burton Segretto 3 with Chubbsafes Evolve m185

1) Luxury Safes and Great Designs

More than simply about protection and security, a luxury safe is about combining function with individuality and quality, to produce a beautiful finished product that fits with a luxurious lifestyle. A luxury safe will always look stylish and will be at home in your home, looking elegant enough to be in any room of your house.

2) Generous Space For Jewellery Collections

Luxury security safes come in various sizes and are available with many drawers making them ideal to house a collection of jewellery, and to fit into a dressing room or bedroom, where they can be easily accessed by a keypad unit. This makes frequent use easy, yet they remain impenetrable to a burglar.

3) Safes With Watch Winders Included

Some luxury watch safes come equipped with their own almost noiseless watch winder technology. This means watch collectors can use them for their collections and don’t have to worry about maintenance.

4) Luxury Security Safes and High-Security Levels

Luxury security safes are designed with the highest level of security in mind. They offer the highest cash ratings and are ideal for securing large quantities of jewellery and valuables.

5) Bespoke Interiors and Finishes

A luxury safe can often be designed to suit the customer’s needs. Luxury safes can be designed to suit an individual, who may wish to choose the material, finish and size of their own safe. Whether you require a gloss finish, glass, polished hardwood or leather, anything is possible, including either chrome or even gold plated bolt work. The interiors can also be customised to suit your needs with jewellery trays, watch winders and interior lights among the options.

6) Safes For Those Who Want To Make A Statement

While some people prefer to hide their valuables out of sight, others may like to use a luxurious safe as a statement piece. A luxury safe can demonstrate your good taste and make a lasting impression on those who see it. The Grand Aficionado wine cabinet by Buben & Zorweg is designed to be displayed and has eight wine holders within it which keep wine at the perfect temperature. It comes with a bar and a wine cork display. The most expensive safe in the world is thought to be from the German company Döttling. Named “The Fortress”, it offers unrivalled insurance cover of up to $1,000,000.

7) The Ultimate In Peace of Mind

The main reason for buying any safe is to provide you with peace of mind that your valuables cannot be stolen by an unscrupulous person. There’s no better reassurance than owning a high-end luxury safe, which will provide you with the ultimate in security as well as looking superb. Luxury safes are tested to rigorous standards for both theft and fire protection, so you can be sure your precious items are well protected.