A solid bike stand is a valuable item to have in a school or a university. Students can use them to safely secure bicycles and maintain peace of mind will in class.

Bicycles are an important asset in the life of a young student. Being able to go back and forth to class on their own is more than just a convenient mode of transportation. It represents a child’s first step towards freedom and independence. So protecting those little vessels of childhood freedom is important for a student’s peace of mind.

A solid and dependable bike rack is a great resource for a school campus and there are more options than you might think:

  • You can choose a typical and dependable stainless steel Sheffield bike stand.
  • You may want to choose a more unique shape and style to improve the look of your campus.
  • A bike rack can hold multiple bicycles, which is ideal if your school has several cyclists.
  • For a more complete bicycle parking area you can even use a large bike rack.

Sheffield Premier Galvanised Bike Stand Root Fix

A basic Sheffield bike stand is a sturdy and dependable option for securing bicycles. The galvanised stainless steel offers an incredibly solid frame that can repel any opportunistic theft and will keep the stand in good condition for years to come. This stand is also fixed into concrete for increased security.

Tough Love Sheffield Stainless Steel Bike Stand

If you are looking to add some extra flair to your campus while also adding a safe place for students to keep their bikes consider the Tough Love Sheffield Stainless Steel Bike Stand.  This is a stylish option and its heart shaped design encourages students to share the love while protecting their bikes.

Tulip Sheffield Galvanised Steel Bike Stand

Another bike stand with a unique shape is the Tulip Sheffield Galvanised Steel Bike Stand which has two loops which form a floral shape. Of course, with its heavy galvanised steel, it is a paragon of brawn as well as beauty. 

Double D Sheffield Galvanised Steel Bike Stand

The Double D Sheffield Bike stand offers a unique design that allows both high and low locking for two bicycles. The heavy galvanised steel also makes for a secure frame that lasts a long time.

QMP Sheffield 4 Loop Toast Rack Bike Stand

If you have a large group of cyclists in your school, then a full bike storage rack may be your best option. The QMP Sheffield 4 Loop Toast Rack Bike Stand allows you to safely store up to 8 cycles and the galvanised steel can be powder coated to any colour.

QMP Sheffield 5 Loop Toast Rack Bike Stand

For even more storage space you can choose the 5 loop option that can store up to 10 cycles.

QMP Wall Mounted Cycle Shelter with 8 Bike Rack

For a more complete bike parking area you may want to consider a bike shelter. The QMP Wall Mounted Cycle Shelter is a bike storage rack with an overhang. Both the rack and the overhang are attached to the wall so be sure that the wall itself is sturdy.