If you have valuables, there is probably someone out there who wouldn’t mind taking them. Crime is just a fact of life and it is one fact that the owner of a quality safe understands. Here are six other things that safe owners may have on their minds.

Burglaries can happen to anyone

Burglary isn’t just some event that you hear about on the news which happens to other people. Anyone can be robbed, and no home is immune. You might think if you live in a posh neighbourhood then you are safe, but the opposite can be true. Burglars want to break into houses that have expensive valuables inside so high-end neighbourhoods are often targeted.

Burglars can be clever

Criminals aren’t all the bumbling dummies that we see on TV; if they were, they would have already been nabbed. Many burglars are smart and calculated individuals who plan out grifts with care. They probably won’t burst in, grab everything they can and leave. They will probably scout out your home in plain sight before making their first move. In fact, you might recognize your burglar as the repairman or landscaper you saw last week.

A burglar won’t be fooled by simple and overused tactics like hiding valuables under a mattress or in the closet. They are good at finding cliché hiding spots, spare keys and unsecured entryways. For this reason, it is good to have multiple layers of security to ensure the safety of your valuables. Sturdy locks and alarm systems are both great but a safe is the ideal last line of defence for your most treasured possessions.

Fires can happen to anyone

Thieves aren’t the only fact of life which poses a threat to your important belongings. Fire is another force that can destroy important things without distinction. No home is completely flame retardant so accidents can happen anywhere. This is another reason why you need to have multiple levels of security. It is important to maintain proper fire safety in your home for more than just your valuables. Keep fire extinguishers in accessible locations and teach everyone in the house how to use them.

Again, a fire safe should be the last line of defence, at least for your flammable goods. A good fire safe can stand up against flames for at least 30 minutes, while not only protecting heat sensitive materials from fire itself, but also from rising temperatures. At a certain temperature, paper products like birth and wedding certificates, passports and deeds can be damaged without actually being touched by fire.

A small and simple safe like the Chubbsafes Executive 15k Fire Safe can defend flame sensitive documents and hard drives from damaging heat for up to one hour.


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Kids (and pets) can be curious

Sometimes the loss of valuables is not caused by nefarious criminals or mischievous Mother Nature. Any parent and pet owner knows that a curious mind often results in broken or misplaced things. As soon as you turn your head for a second, the car keys you left on the coffee table may suddenly disappear or the papers you left on your desk may be left in pieces.

Because of this, a safe is a great way to keep important items out of little hands, paws and teeth.

Some things are just better off at home

Keeping important documents, data and other valuables secure is important but some things should be kept nearby in case you need them at the drop of a hat. Passports, National Insurance cards and birth certificates are often needed for day to day logistics. You may need them to apply to jobs, to fill out insurance claims or anything else that requires you to prove your identity.

Keeping these kinds of items in a lock box at the bank or a facility outside your home will keep them safe but be a tremendous inconvenience when you actually need them. It can also be a big problem if you need someone else to get it for you because the security might not permit anyone else access.

With that in mind, it is still important to keep those items secure. With a home safe, you can protect your important documents and still have them on hand when you need them.


A hidden safe is a secure safe

Sometimes the durability and build of a safe isn’t the only thing that keeps your treasures out of covetous hands. Sometimes the most effective safe is the one that is never even found by burglars in the first place. A hidden wall or floor safe is a brilliant way to ensure that your treasures will remain in your home. The Burton Torino Wall Safe is able to not only lock away valuables with a key, but it can also keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Before you install a hidden safe, however, make sure you keep some things in mind. Remember burglars are smart. Don’t hide a wall safe in an obvious or movie style hiding spot. A thief will probably check behind picture frames. Put it in an unassuming room, like the utility room. Also, if you put it in a wall, make sure it’s fixed to sturdy structures. Thieves have been known to cut safes out of weak drywall.