A school sports centre should be a place for students to safely exercise and learn without threats or distractions.

Organisation and safety are essential. These two elements will facilitate an ideal environment for children to take a break from the books to get essential physical activity and learn about healthy living.

When setting up a proper facility there are five necessities that will greatly increase the overall safety and effectiveness of your school’s sports centre:

  • A reliable locker area where students can keep their belongings.
  • Plenty of open space, clear of obstructions.
  • Adequate lighting and visibility.
  • Adult supervision and office facilities.
  • Clear outdoor areas.


Having a safe, organised locker room is an important part of a sports centre. Children need to be able to store their belongings safely while they learn and play. Leisure lockers should be large enough to hold sport equipment, gym bags and other necessary items. It may also be a good idea to use wet area lockers to protect against damage from sweat and shower moister. A sturdy reliable locker can keep valuables safe from opportunistic or mischievous theft or damage, which is not uncommon at certain ages. Just like adults, the knowledge that their belongings are safe will give kids peace of mind which can allow them to participate in activities free of distractions.

Open Space

Wide open space where kids can safely do activities, play sports and exercise is probably the most important part of a sports facility. A child should have a place with enough space to run around free of obstructions and equipment. Children trying to play around equipment or in tight spaces can lead to accidents and injuries.

Lighting and Visibility

Any facility where safety is a top priority should have the proper amount of lighting and visibility. High visibility means a safer environment and easier supervision. A well-lit area also deters criminal activity and mischief. You may also consider increasing visibility with a convex safety mirror especially around areas with a pool. The more you can see the easier it will be to avoid accidents and threats

Office Space and Supervision

Even in the safest environment, accidents can happen whenever children engage in physical activities. Therefore, it is important to have adults nearby at all times to offer assistance when it is needed. Office space in a sports centre ensures that there is plenty of supervision nearby, in the event of an accident.

Outdoor Facilities

Another important element of a good sports centre is a spacious outdoor area. Being able to go outside and get fresh air is a great way for a child to get the proper exercise and respite from being in a classroom for long periods of time. An outdoor area should be properly lit and should have barriers to separate play areas from any nearby roads.

With these essentials in mind setting up a quality school sports centre should be simple. Remember to put safety first, especially when dealing with children.