Key cabinets, safes, deposit boxes, and compartment lockers are just a few of the storage devices that school caretakers can use to secure locker keys.

Having a duplicate pair of keys is always a practical choice if you lose or misplace the original. This general rule of thumb applies to a wide range of storage tools including lockers. When lockers are assigned to children in primary and secondary school, a duplicate set of keys should always be given to their caretakers as well. That way, if a student loses it, the caretaker can still retrieve the contents without having to damage the locker or recruit the help of a professional locksmith.

But where should all of these keys be stored so that they’re organised but also safeguarded? In this article we’ll discuss:

  • Five types of storage solutions for locker keys
  • How they can improve the overall orderliness and provide security
  • Where these storage devices should be kept

Portable and Stationary Key Cabinets

A key cabinet, as the name indicates, is designed specifically to arrange and organise keys. Keys of all shapes and sizes, including Helmsman locker keys, can be either colour coded or numbered within the cabinet. The great part about Helmsman locker keys is that the actual key locker number is embossed on the face so if for whatever reason it gets unsorted in the cabinet you have a way to match the appropriate ones.

Both portable and stationary key cabinets are used throughout schools and other industries that utilise lockers. For a school, however, a stationary cabinet may be better suited. SafeSaver has a range of key system cabinets that can be fixed to a wall. For added protection, it’s a good idea to install this in either an administrative area or another utility room which locks. Portable key cabinets are another option but may be more logical for offices or industries like construction. The benefit of a mobile key cabinet is that you have constant peace of mind that the keys are safe since they can be carried with you wherever you travel.

High-Security Key Safes Are Insurance Approved

A higher security alternative to storing locker keys is a key safe. Constructed with steel bolts and outfitted with electronic digital locks, these safes have all the features you’d want to store Harvey locker keys or even L&F locker keys. Key deposit safes are also more secure than many key cabinets due to their base fixture and insurance ratings. With these safes, an adjustable telescopic shaft allows you to drop the keys simply in for a quick deposit.

Compartment Lockers Offer Multi-Functional Organisation

Compartment Lockers are the last key locker storage solution we’ll discuss. What’s great about incorporating these into a school is that you get multiple uses with the space. For example, you can dedicate one shelf entirely to locker keys and use the remaining compartments for other school supplies like books, writing utensils, etc.

Anyone of these storage solutions would be suitable for holding locker keys. Determine exactly the features your school needs to serve the caretakers and students best.