Wire mesh lockers, suited for industrial or commercial use, can store machinery, sports equipment, construction gear, worksite materials, and sales inventory.

Available in a wide range of sizes, wire mesh storage lockers provide a sturdy and safe solution for businesses and private individuals alike. Wire mesh lockers are a practical alternative to cabinets and metal containers for the following reasons:

  • They permit proper air ventilate
  • Provide visibility which may deter shoplifting or employee theft
  • Offer durable all-over protection against damage to the contents

Prevent Accidents and Theft of Machinery

Mechanical equipment like chainsaws, drills and other common household tools are typically stored in the garage. While the garage is an agreeable location, these types of tools can easily clutter the space and obstruct access in or out. Worse yet, if not properly secured they pose an immediate threat to passing animals and small children. With the implementation of a wire mesh locker not only can you prevent these accidents from happening in the first place but you can also feel assured that your equipment will be safe from theft and burglary. The Single Door Wire Mesh Locker can accomplish this task with ease. The heavy duty wire mesh allows all-around visibility and proper ventilation which combats the development of mould and corrosion. For added security this wire mesh locker has a 3-point hasp and staple locking mechanism.

Sports Enthusiasts Will Revel in the Protection

Apart from household machinery and lawn tools, sport equipment is another popular item to store in a wire mesh locker due to its wear resistance and all around. Golf clubs, tennis rackets and balls of all shapes and sizes can quickly be organised with use of the interior shelves and hooks.

Construction Apparel Stays Organised

Wire mesh lockers are quite frequently found on construction sites due to their accommodating sizes and solid frames. The tightly woven wire mesh resists the typical wear and tear found with other forms of storage cabinets. Hard hats, fluorescent vests and work boots can be hung on hooks or folded and placed on the base. What’s more, they’re easily configurable and the contents remain visible at all times which makes it a breeze for management to keep track of materials or monitor theft. Other worksite construction materials like cones and signs are also appropriately sized to fit in wire mesh lockers.

Manage Sales Inventory Using a Wire Mesh Locker

The final category of items that are appropriate to store in a wire mesh lock are sales inventory. These really come in handy to store supplies and left over inventory because they can be locked but still provide visibility of the contents. An employee could easily retrieve a product from the appropriate locker without first needing to open it. All things considered, this technique saves time and energy.

The five aforementioned items are all suitable items to store in a wire mesh locker. Safe Options has a range of reliable options to accommodate almost any budget. Once again, sports equipment, machinery, construction materials, worksite parts and inventory are all a perfect fit.