Underfloor safes are ideal for storing cash, jewellery, personal records, small electronics, and legal documents.

When space in your home or office is limited it can often be difficult to find a safe that meets your size specifications. They’re either too large and bulky or petite and impractical. For that reason, underfloor safes are the foremost choice when space is a significant factor.

Underfloor safes can protect a range of items from burglary and theft. Many even come equipped with what’s known as an ABP (anti-blow pipe) for added protection against physical attacks. In this article, we’ll explain the following:

  • Which items are best suited for storage in an underfloor safe?
  • What is the proper way to reinforce this type of safe?
  • Are there any additional methods to hide it from view?

Refer to the Recommended Cash Limit

A safe’s cash limit should always be taken into consideration before purchasing a safe. These may vary from a few thousand pounds up to hundreds of thousands, so it is crucial you identify the limit prior to making the investment. The Burton Watchman ABP Deposit Combination Underfloor Safe has a £12,000 Insurance Cash Rating and £120,000 rating for valuables like jewellery. It’s designed to be concreted underground and as we’ll discuss later, it’s recommended by the manufacturer to be further reinforced. This underfloor safe has the ABP protection which we previously noted as a premier feature as well as a 3-wheel dial mechanical combination lock for personalised programming. All these features are ideal to conceal cash and small pieces of jewellery from burglars.

Protect Information on Personal Records and Legal Docs

Personal records and legal documents are both used by thieves to your steal sensitive financial information. For your own protection, it’s recommended to keep all professional and personal information under lock and key while not monitored.

Digital Electronics are Secure

Hard drives, DVDs, digital documents and electronics can all be placed in an underground safe. Select an underground safe with flock lining or some sort of shelving to organise and protect gadgets from accidental wear. Smaller pieces can even be placed in a capsule for quick and easy deposits. The Burton Claymore 12 Deposit Underfloor Safe Key Lock has a £3,000 Insurance Cash Rating and comes with 2 keys. The 200mm square door allows users to easily access the contents and quickly deposit valuables or cash when necessary.

Is Your Safe Properly Reinforced?

All underfloor safes should be reinforced with a weldmesh or by using a ready-made reinforcement kit. If not, your safe may not be effective in withstanding physical attacks or theft. It’s best to place these safes in a remote corner of your home or business and to conceal it with a rug, carpet or lightweight piece of furniture.

The five aforementioned items can all be stored in an underfloor safe. Be sure to check the cash rating and the type of lock equipped on the safe prior to purchase. Reinforce it using a prefabricated reinforcement kit or weldmesh and cover the top with a carpet, rug or small furniture.