Protecting our homes from fire is something many of us have thought about, and most homes now have smoke detectors installed to alert the occupants in case of an outbreak of fire. While protecting your family is the most important consideration, people sometimes overlook the fact that they should also protect their important documents in case the worst happens. A fire in your home can not only wipe out all of your household contents, but it could destroy important paperwork that is tricky to replace and could prove disastrous.

Your Personal Documents

Personal documents like any birth certificates, passports and driving licenses can all be safely protected by fire document safes. You will also want to protect any academic certificates like university degree certificates and school exam reports. Although replacements for some of these documents can be ordered, it can be both costly and time-consuming to get copies of them made.

Your Assets and Valuable Property

Documents which relate to your assets are also very important. If you have title deeds stored which relate to your home ownership, these must be carefully protected. Property deeds provide proof that you own your house and any land connected with it. All paperwork that is connected to your estate should also be stored in a fire-proof location. If you have any valuable antiques, art or collectables that have certificates of authenticity, these certificates should also be kept in fire document safes. If they were to be destroyed you may be unable to prove that your items are genuine.

Financial Information Including Wills

Everyone has financial documents stored in the home, including bank statements, insurance policies, records about any tax you have paid and possibly even stock certificates and information about your will. Without these documents you may find you have a major financial administrative upheaval on your hands. It makes a lot of sense to avoid the potential stress of trying to return your affairs to normal by keeping this sort of paperwork in a fire-proof location.

Important Vehicle Documentation

Paperwork relating to any vehicles you own like your vehicle logbook and MOT certificate should also be stored in fire document safes. These documents are vital to ensure you can tax your vehicle, and it can be both time-consuming and stressful to get replacements. Knowing that all your documentation is all safely stored together in one place can provide you with great peace of mind.

Precious Memories Including Photographs

While many of your important documents can eventually be replaced with some time and effort, nothing can replace lost family photographs and other special memories like children’s artwork, wedding memory books and old letters. You may also want to store important contact information, as this can prove very useful in case of emergencies. Fire document safes ensure that your precious documents remain protected even in the event of extremely high temperatures, so that while everything else may burn down around them, your most precious memories are safe forever.

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