While most bikes share the same basic framework, there is a handful you’d never expect to see on the streets, let alone in a school bike shed.

Since the early 1800s, bicycles have been used for leisure activities as well as transportation. Not only do they promote health through physical exercise but they are an inexpensive way to travel to and from a location. That being said, they are frequently used by school aged children who are not yet old enough to operate a motor vehicle but need a reliable mode of transportation. Let’s take a look at some wacky bicycles you’d never expect to find in a school bike shed or storage area. Among the top are:

  • HulaBike—Powered by the rider jumping up and down
  • Tandem bikes—Two seats positioned one in front of the other
  • Buddy bikes—Also known as ‘sociables’, the seats sit side-by-side
  • Ice bikes—Designed to traverse slick surfaces caused by ice or snow
  • Hand powered cycles—The rider pedals using handcycles

Move with the Power of Jumps

The HulaBike will change the way you think of bicycles. If you’ve ever wanted to harness the power of jumping to get to your destination, then take a look at this unique bike! Through the eccentrically laced rear wheel you are able to propel the bike by hopping up and down. This is ideal for students who don’t want to hassle with pedalling or who want an alternative biking experience.

Take a Mate on the Go

Tandem and buddy bikes allow students to get exercise while simultaneously enjoying the company of their schoolmate. Sometimes mistaken for one another, tandem and buddy bikes differ based according to their seating arrangement. A tandem bike features one rider in front of the other whereas a buddy bike (‘sociable’) refers to a bicycle with seats placed side-by-side. In both instances you benefit from double the pedalling power, which means you can reach the school yard with less effort and exertion!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get there in half the time though. When used on flat terrains, the power generated by the cyclists goes towards overcoming the wind friction and resistance so that it can reach equivalent speeds to regular bicycles.

A Handy Way to Get Around

Hand powered bicycles fall in a similar category to tandem and buddy bikes in the sense that they’re unconventional from traditional bikes. You’d never expect to see this type of bicycle in a school’s bike shed but they’re actually quite frequently used by individuals with lower body disabilities.

Combat Icy Streets with an Ice Bike

What happens when cold weather and snow interfere with your cycling plans? Opt for an ice bike! Cold weather bikes have specially designed metal-studded tires to provide adequate traction and grip when traversing slippery and over wet surfaces. They also have enclosed chains and internal gears to prevent ice from accumulating. Earlier models of ice bikes had more pronounced spikes in the tires while the newer versions have a sleeker frame and more updated framework.

An effective bike shed can store and secure every type of bike—from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whichever type of shed you select, be sure it has a durable and solid lock, adequate space for bikes passing in and out, and proper ventilation to prevent condensation.