Safes are great for protecting valuables in all kinds of businesses and homes but there are a few unlikely places where a safe is a good idea.

Here are four places to keep a safe that you probably never considered.

In the Utility Room

A room where laundry is done, or any other mundane task, is a great place to put a home safe. Thieves have a set window of time where they realistically get in and get out without being caught. They use their limited time during a burglary to scour the rooms that will most likely contain valuables. Other rooms are often neglected entirely because burglars assume there is nothing in them worth looking for in those precious minutes. A utility room is one area of your home that a criminal might overlook. Surround it with the most boring home necessities you can find like ironing boards or a box of clothes pins. Make it so no criminal would bother searching for diamonds in that rough.

In a Child’s Bedroom

Another little known area that burglars will rarely look for valuables is in a young child’s bedroom. Typically a haven for simple toys and colouring books, kid’s rooms are typically left alone. Unless there is a big black market demand for tiny clothing, a criminal will most likely assume that there is nothing of value in a child’s room. Keeping a hidden safe in this room may mean it is never tempered with during a robbery. Keep it in a floor safe in the closet under a hamper too pull the wool over an intruders eyes.

Your Work Office

Safes are a great investment in protecting your valuables at home but they can also be extremely helpful in an office setting as well. Big companies have their own top of the line safes, most likely at the calibre of the mighty Chubbsafes Trident Eurograde 6. However, a smaller safe to keep in an office can be helpful as well. For instance, if you work for an accounting firm and you have important documents or data that you don’t want to leave unattended over the weekend you can put them in a data safe to keep them protected from fires and thefts while you are away. Don’t forget to give a copy of the key to your boss or a trusted employee, just in case you are sick one day and the documents inside are needed.

On a Boat

If you own a boat, there may be items that you would like to keep safe aboard your boat while it’s docked. The features that are needed in a boat safe are slightly different than a typical home safe. Of course, fire and theft are important to consider but you will want to have a safe that can secure valuables in a flood as well. A fire and water safe like the Burton Aquasec Fire/Water Security Safe is great for boats.

It is generally a good idea to fix a safe to the ground in order to avoid thieves snatching the whole thing. However, using a Burton Aquasec on a boat is the exception to the rule. If it sinks or floods the safe will actually float, keeping all of your valuables on the surface. If it is bolted down it will end up on the ocean floor with everything else.