If you work in a physically intensive field or work in close proximity with dangerous machinery, then safety should be hailed as the organisation’s number one priority.

To determine whether or not the appropriate safety measures are being taken in your place of work, it’s first important to assess your exposure risks. For example, if you work in an industry like power and communication line construction, possible dangers may include falling from extreme heights, exposure to high voltages with underground or overhead power lines, and injury from lifting heavy objects. While some of these problems are exclusive to the construction sector, there are certain safety precautions which are implanted in every workplace. Here are five job site safety accessories you may take for granted.

Convex Mirrors and Parking Posts Are Theft Deterrents

Before even stepping foot into the building, safety measures are visible in the parking lot. Car park space posts aren’t only to guard your valuable parking spaces but provide an air of safety with their galvanized coatings available in red/white or black/yellow. This Autolok Fold Down Security Post is considered one of the best car theft deterrents with its heavy duty 70mm square steel construction, hinged post that folds down into a flat position and high security padlock.

Convex mirrors, commonly seen throughout retail stores, allow a clerk or shopkeeper to keep a close eye on patrons. They’re not only for stores though! They’re often placed in garages or parking lots to help drivers drive cautiously and avoid accidents around sharp corners or blind spots. This Vialux Parking Assistance and Driveway Exit Mirror has 120 degrees of movement and is guaranteed for three years.

Did You See that Sign?

Road and hazard signs are some of the best ways to prevent accidents in and around a workplace. Whether the entry way has uneven walkways, narrow street entry or any type of damage, a sign is the foremost way to keep employees and civilians safe. Another type of sign which often goes overlooked is an outdoor warning sign that suggest video cameras are in and around the premises. Thieves and burglars will often take one look at these and then turn the other direction.

Prevent Injuries with Sack Trucks

Jobs which involve heavy lifting often have measures and tools to prevent on-site injuries. Sack trucks typically for deliveries, offices and factories can carry massive amounts of weight. Check out this SafeSaver Aluminium 3 Way Truck 350kg, for example. With its fitted pneumatic wheels and polyurethane castors, this sack truck is truly a life saver.