Petty cash is great for both individuals and business to have on hand. The exact amount of what constitutes petty cash can vary depending on the individual or organisation but what is certain are the many benefits.

Here are four clever ways to store your cash in a manner that will ensure its safety from theft and even accidental misplacement.

Petty Cash Boxes Are Equipped With Locks

Businesses may want to keep petty cash on hand for things like office supplies, entertainment expenses, local travel expenses and other types of fees that are incurred on a routine basis. However, with so many individuals involved in the day-to-day affairs of a business it’s important to safeguard these funds under lock and key.

Locking petty cash boxes are most frequently used by small retail establishments to keep track and safeguard cash. The SafeSaver Large Petty Cash Box is one such example. It’s secured by a key operated cylinder lock and is suitable for small coins and notes. What’s more it has an internal black plastic compartment for easy organising plus a heavy sheet steel exterior. In conjunction with an expense program like QuickBooks, you can have total control over all sums of cash coming in and out of your business. These devices aren’t limited to commercial establishments though. Regular homes can benefit tremendously from having a locking petty cash box on hand.

Unconventional Yet Effective Decoy Safes

Another less conventional way to store the petty cash you have on hand is with a decoy safe. You may have seen these disguised as beans or spaghetti cans. They’re valuable for that very reason—their compact, unobtrusive appearance. The bottom unscrews to reveal a compartment that is perfectly sized for cash, credit cards and keys. Also available in the department of decoy safes is the dictionary book which looks exactly like a Collins English Dictionary but with a hidden compartment for cash, jewellery, passports, and other small valuables.

Under Counter Cash Safes Deter Theft

Under counter cash safes reduce the likelihood of theft from cash tills and offer a heightened level of protection with their sturdy structure. With the Chubbsafes CU-350 you can store up to 350 bank notes and can rest assured that it won’t get snatched with its underside bolting option.

Cash Deposit Safes Offer Superior Protection

The fourth and final way to store cash is with a cash deposit safe. While not as convenient or easily accessible as a petty cash box, you can with great certainty store your notes here. Depending on how often you need access to the cash, this may not be a practical solution but nonetheless we will present your options. The SafeSaver 35E Home Cash Safe Digital Lock features a sophisticated reprogrammable electronic lock with one removable shelf. Its insurance valuable’s rating is £20,000 and advisory insurance cash rating is £2,000. For further protection you can fix it using the rear or base holes.

These methods are all clever ways to store your home or business’ petty cash.