Since exams are such an integral part of a student’s grade, it’s crucial for the proper safety precautions to be taken while they’re left unattended.

A fire security safe not only protects sensitive documents from potential theft but also prevents damage from high heat and smoke. For optimal fire protection, it is important to evaluate a safe’s fire rating in conjunction with its security features. In this post we’ll identify the following:

  • Which three safes to suitable to store exams?
  • What unique features does each one bring to the table?
  • How are fire ratings determined?

Beat the Heat with Bronze Protection

Fitted with a high security electronic lock and double shelving, the Phoenix Fire Ranger offers 30 minutes of fire protection for documents at 500°c. The total recommended cash rating is £1,500 cash and £15k valuables. Apart from exam papers it’s also suitable for A4 box files, photographs, and other academic paperwork. One of the best parts is that this safe is also free standing which means you don’t have to hassle with installation.

Phoenix Endures Extreme Temperatures

As a professor, one of your greatest priorities is the confidentiality of class exams. If the information on an exam were to become public, it would be difficult to identify which exams were valid and which were not. You’d then be forced to re-administer the exam—resulting in additional work for both you and the students. The same scenario might occur if a fire broke out and destroyed the exams. To avoid both of these situations, it’s best to equip your office or classroom with a document safe. Phoenix safes account for three of the top safes on our list. Varying in degrees of protection, these safes come equipped with advanced locking mechanisms and a host of other premier features.

The Phoenix Fire Fighter Digital Cash Fire Safe has a £2,500 Insurance Rating/£25,000 Valuables Rating, dual control locking features, fire resistance for paper documents up to 90 minutes, an internal alarm, and an adjustable shelf to organise the contents. To be given the rating NT FIRE 017, this model underwent extensive testing including being heated to 1050°c for 90 minutes. Based on this safe’s measurements it would be suitable for underneath a large desk or fixed at the base of a closet.

Additional Storage Capacity Coupled with Protection

If more space is required to store exam and paper documents, consider the Phoenix Fire Commander Electronic Lock. Close to twice the height of the Phoenix Fire Fighter, this cabinet provides fire resistance for up to two hours—otherwise known as a first tier silver level. It includes three adjustable shelves and two drawers which can be used to hold additional valuables like box files/ring binders, or photographs. Due to its large structure, it would be perfect to house all the exams for a particular department. Similarly to the Phoenix Fire Fighter, it has a £2,500 Insurance Rating/£25,000 Valuables Rating and a digital electronic lock that’s battery powered.

For an academic professor or school administrator looking for a secure safe to store exam papers anyone of these three would suffice. The taller, cabinet style devices are great for large binders and files while the more compact safes are ideal for storage under a desk or in a storage closet.