Last Updated: December 22, 2016

Included the latest Phoenix and Burton secure office safes

Any medical professional knows the importance of keeping confidential medical paperwork in a secure location. However, there is more than just one threat to sensitive files.

Confidential paperwork is not only vulnerable to prying eyes and theft; it is also vulnerable to accidents and fire. Because of this you will need to find a way to protect files from both of these threats. When you are looking for a way to protect your office filing system, consider these three options:

  • A document fire safe that is specifically designed to keep paper files and data safe.
  • A larger security cabinet that can comprehensively hold and defend a larger filing system.
  • A hybrid paper and digital data fire safe that can protect paper documents and digital data from fire.

Fire Document Safes

Paper documents are extremely vulnerable to both heat and fire. Even if a document doesn’t directly catch on fire, it can still be damaged by excessive heat and smoke from a fire. Because of this, a simple metal case or container won’t be able to keep documents safe. Files in a typical metal filing cabinet will still be damaged by heat if a flame gets close to it even if the cabinet doesn’t let the fire in.

However, a specially designed fire document safe like the Burton Firebrand MKII-2 Fire Security Digital Safe can keep paper documents safe for as long as 60 minutes in a fire. This safe is independently tested against fire and explosions and can protect contents for a full hour at temperatures up to 1,090°C.

Security Cabinets

A typical fire document safe is great for a small practice or a private office. However, a lager practice or a medical facility that is responsible for keeping copious records and paperwork may need a larger container. If you are trying to organise a larger filing system you may need a full security cabinet.

A large security cabinet performs the same duties as a safe but with more storage space. You can store several files and binders in order to make a secure and comprehensive filing system. You can even choose a fire security cabinet like the Phoenix Firechief FS1611K. Not only will this defend your documents from opportunistic theft, it will also keep contents safe for up to 30 minutes in a fire.

Paper and Data Combination Fire Safes

Today, offices that run completely on a paper system are becoming less prominent. Many offices make use of digital filing systems and some have gone completely paperless. As an office makes the transition from paper to digital, they will probably have a combination of both paper and data files to keep safe.

If this describes your office, it is important that you are able to protect both mediums. Digital devices are often expensive and are valuable regardless of the kind of data they hold. When you add sensitive information like patient records, it makes digital devices all the more important to protect. Plus, digital devices sometimes have delicate components that are vulnerable to excessive heat. To sufficiently protect both your digital and paper information, use a hybrid paper and data fire safe like the Phoenix Data Combi DS2503K Fire Safe. This particular safe can protect sensitive items like paper, digital media and even tape data for up to 120 minutes.

These are just three security options you have to protect your confidential information. Consider the size and style of your office to choose the best option for you.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Thirteen Of Clubs