For any warehouse manager, safekeeping materials and inventory ranks high on the list of priorities which is why it’s practical to invest in safe storage equipment.

With safety and security being such crucial components within a warehouse, the necessary time and attention needs to be paid in order to select the proper equipment. In this post, we’ll explore:

  • Exactly how to address those needs and choose equipment accordingly
  • Three specific models that serve a warehouse’s foremost needs and budget
  • Particular characteristics to look for when browsing available inventories

After reading this article you should have a better idea of what items may be ideal for your warehouse.

Mobile Storage Shelving Provides Space and Mobility

Warehouses are frequently designed with various departments in mind. In other words, one department’s inventory may be located far away from an entry or exit point. When that’s the case, workers may be required to do twice as much work and take considerably more time moving warehouse materials. One sensible solution to this dilemma is to store items in a mobile storage unit with shelving. The benefit of doing so is that all the contents can be transported all at once with much less effort than moving one item at a time. This Mobile Storage System is one such example. It features two steel mesh adjustable shelves for maximum durability as well as a powder coated blue finish. In terms of load capacity each unit can hold up to 500kg which is an incredible amount for a storage unit.

Steel Pallets Aid in Organisation

Steel box pallets function with dual purposes—they’re not only helpful in storing items but can aid in organisation. Easily stack large boxes or place small units in the pallet’s bed. To better illustrate this point, take a look at the QMP Stackable Steel Chute Pallet. This fully welded pallet provides easy storage and access of materials, as shown in the photo. The heavy duty front design is strong enough to hold 500kg capacity and can be stacked a total of five pallets high for maximum use. Other pallets can be purchased with mesh front and sides or even detachable sides, depending on the facility’s needs.

Sturdy Salt and Grit Bins

Salt and grit bins are ideal for areas with high foot traffic or on public roads where accidents may be prone. The Armorgard GritKart Mobile Storage device, for example, is an effective solution for storing both salt and grit. Along with storage, however, it’s also good for transporting salt and grit since it has wheels positioned on the bottom. This particular model has a 75 litre storage capacity and is water resistant to prevent the contents becoming damp. This is such a well-situated bin that it can even be used in residential areas and public facilities!

When shopping for your warehouse it’s always important to be price conscious but to also select quality that way you are not forced to replace an item due to faulty construction.