On the whole, safes offer many functions and uses. Whether you want to protect your jewellery, cash, or electronics, safes typically offer a range of solutions to meet your required needs.

At times, however, you may want to purchase a safe which excels in one particular area. For example, a laptop safe is designed and engineered specifically to fit the extra wide body of most laptop models as well as other uniquely shaped media devices which may not suited for the traditional safe frames.

Wider Dimensions Accommodate Laptops

Laptop safes, as previously mentioned have a large interior and exterior widths as well as depths to accommodate the dimensions of laptop computers and other wide bodied digital devices. The SafeSaver Laptop Security Key Lock Safe is one such device. It has an internal width of 490mm, and internal depth of 338mm, and height of 250mm. As long as your computer or electronic device does not surpass these dimensions then you should have no problem making it fit.

Fire Safes Designed for Digital Media

Another type of safe with a specific use is the fire safe for digital and paper media. These devices has been rigorously tested to withstand varying degrees of heat or fire and in some cases also rated for burglary protection. The Sentry H3100 Waterproof Fire Chest has been created to protect and store digital media on USB devices, portable hard drives as well as paper documents for up to 30 minutes in fire and prevent water damage.

Both of the aforementioned safes are great options to protect your sensitive electronic data as well as important paper documents.