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Flexible Sprung Post
  • Self-Righting Post
  • 1m High
  • Reflective Sleeve
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Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Safety

With so many accidents happening on our roads every year, traffic safety is always a concern. Local authorities, emergency services and even private companies when working on or near our roads need to minimise disruption to motorists by keeping traffic flowing in a safe manner.


“I'm going to introduce you to a revolutionary thought – you can go slower and get there quicker.” - John Prescott


Here at Safe Options we stock a whole range of traffic safety equipment to help your organisation carry out its work without causing danger.


What are road cones filled with?

Road cones are generally not filled with anything. Originally made with concrete, they are today constructed from plastic of a varying thickness. Built in two parts, the cone will usually have a black base and an orange, red or yellow main body, plus a white reflective strip.


How to fit a parking post.

First select where you want to place the parking post, ensuring that the post is unobstructed in lowered or raised positions. When digging a hole for the post, remember to make it around 5 inches deeper than the spigot mount and about 12 inches in width. Line the bottom of the hole with gravel or rubble to encourage drainage.

 Place the post in the hole and wedge into position. Use a spirit level to check for straightness. Fill cement into the hole and around the post. Wait for the cement to dry before testing the post.


How can I protect my hose pipe when on the road?

A hose and pipe ramp will protect your hose when it is being used on the road. Whether it is being used for outdoor events or industrial use, this protection ramp is the solution. Moulded in a hard rubber compound, the ramp has a yellow hinged anti-slip cover made of high grade polypropylene. Hoses are threaded through one of three cable channels where they are protected from being damaged. Several models of ramp can even withstand HGV vehicles with an axle weight limit of 5 tonnes.


What if my question isn't here?

If your question wasn't covered here, then get in contact with us. Phone us on 0800 567 7549 or email us and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

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