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What is the difference between a Hotel Safe and a home security safe?

The only difference is the design and operation pf the lock. A hotel room safe is designed for multi-user use so it is ideal where the user of the safe is constantly changing - in a hotel of course, students accommodation and hospitals as well.  A Hotel Room Safe lock allows each user to set their own code when first using the safe - they find the safe door open on arrival, enter any preferred code, close the door and the safe can then only be opened by that same code. The next guest will then enter their own code to close the safe and so on.  A Home security safe, on the other hand, does not need a code to close the safe - just the pre-programmed code to open it. 

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  1. De Raat Protector LTP Guest Hotel Multi-User Laptop Safe - Door Ajar

    Hotel Room Laptop Electronic Safe - Protector LTP Guest

    The De Raat Protector LTP Guest Electronic Pin Code Locking Hotel Laptop Security Safe is ideal for use as a Multi-User Safe in Hospitals for use by patients and for guests in Hotels to secure their small valuables such as passports, digital cameras, mobile phones, and is even wide enough to store a laptop computer or tablet, all away from opportunistic theft.
    The De...

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