Eurograde High Security Safes

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What are Eurograde Safes? 

Eurograde Safes are security safes that have been certified by Insurance Authorised Security Testing Bodies to have passed an intense testing procedure to evaluate their resistance from burglary by forced entry. The test certificate is known as EN1143-1 for Security safes and EN1143-2 for Deposit Safes. This test certificate has 7 security levels from Class 0, to 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5  and up to class 6. If you purchase a Eurograde Certificated safe then both you and your insurer will be happy and secure! Each Eurograde Class, with your Insurer's consent, can secure up to £6000 cash or £60,000 of valuables such as jewellery progressing through the Grades to Class 6 which can secure up to £150,000 cash or £1.5 million of valuables.

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