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Probe PPE Personal Protection Equipment Lockers with High Visibility Signage to comply with BS5499-1
PPE, Workwear and Janitor Lockers Store Uniforms and Personal Protection Safety Wear
PPE lockers are designed to store protective clothing, helmets, safety boots and equipment.

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  1. Probe PPE-CD Clean and Dirty PPE Locker with door closed

    PPE Clean & Dirty Workwear Storage Locker - Probe PPE

    PPE Lockers are designed to store Personal Protection Clothing and Equipment - The Probe Clean and Dirty PPE locker has high visibility labelling that complies with BS5499-1
    The Probe PPE Clean and Dirty Locker has a top shelf and below it has a central divider to separate and hang Clean and Dirty protection garments. There is a choice of 4 locking options - K...

    £138.00 inc VAT
  2. Probe PPE 3 Door Locker with High Visibility PPE Labelling

    PPE 3 Door Steel Storage Locker - Probe PPE

    This Probe Steel 3 Door Locker has been designed for three users to store Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing. Emphasised by the 3 Compartments. Highly visible labelling of this locker complies with BS5499-1.
    Coated with an anti-bacterial finish that kills 99.9% of infections such as MRSA. Offering 4 different...

    £156.00 inc VAT
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